Oh God What Have I Done?

Oh God What Have I Done?

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Oh God What Have I Done? (sometimes abbreviated as OGWHID) is a four-pane webcomic series featuring a pink humanoid character that is used to illustrate one’s remorse over an embarrassing act, such as masturbation guilt, in similar vein to childhood stories that are explored in the Oh God Why rage comics.


The earliest archived comic featuring the character was uploaded to 4chan’s /b/ (random) board on August 9th, 2009,[1] which illustrated a man’s attempt at fulfilling his sexual fantasy by ejaculating into his own mouth. However, upon accomplishing his goal, the character curls up into a fetal position and says to himself: “Oh God what have I done…”


The original thread was met by positive reception on the 4chan community and spawned dozens of derivative comics featuring similar stories of sexual fantasies, perverse behaviors and masturbation humor. In March 2010, a comic depicting someone eating ejaculate-covered popcorn (shown below) was posted to FunnyJunk[3], which subsequently reached the site’s front page. On June 13th, a subreddit[2] was created for these comics but it does not have any readers as of September 2012. In the following month, another thread featuring the comics was posted on marijuana enthusiast forum Crunk Times.[8] That December, the character appeared in a comic featured on Spanish language humor site Cuánto Cabrón.[7]

The comics saw a revival In January 2012, when a Facebook fan page[6] was created for the character, but it has only managed to gain 118 likes in the first nine months. Throughout 2012, additional threads featuring various instances of the comics continued to appear on 4chan[4], Grass City[9] and BodyBuilding.com forums,[5] as well as a video compilation of more than 100 “Oh God What Have I Done” comics on YouTube.

Notable Examples

In July 2011, FunnyJunk user Diamondhead posted an image compilation of four-pane rage comics titled “Oh God Why”, which illustrated childhood stories of disturbing or embarrassing nature. While its connection to “Oh God What Have I Done?” remains unclear, the two series share many similarities and it has grown quite popular on the f7u12 subreddit.

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