Oh Man! Oh God!

Oh Man! Oh God!

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“My husband is having an affair with your wife. I don’t think we should talk about it. Unless you’re prepared to kill them.”

“Oh Man! Oh God! Oh Man! Oh God! Oh Man! Oh God! Oh Man! Oh God! Oh Man! Oh God!”


Akin to Garbage Day! and They’re Eating Her… Oh My God!, this phrase has gotten a fair bit of attention, moreso than the movies they originally come from. What makes them memorable, and meme-worthy, more often than not comes from the way they are conveyed, either as overly melodramatic, fairly inappropriate to the circumstances, or a combination of both.

Clip from “Tough Guys Don’t Dance” submitted by TubbsTattsyrup on October 31st, 2007:

Behind The Scenes

Norman Mailer, author and director of the novel/film “Tough Guys Don’t Dance” claimed in an interview that he had been questioned about leaving this take in his movie. In response, Mailer informed the questioning party that he was of the opinion that Ryan O’Neil’s “performance” actually added something to his picture, and so left it in. The two were civil with one another during production, but upon seeing the final cut, O’Neil was embarrassed, turning against Mailer whom he saw as exploiting his short-comings as an actor.

Interest over time

There appears to be little to no correlation between the spoken line and the movie title, but this could easily be contributed to the fact that “Oh man oh god” is not an overly unusual phrase.

It should be noted, however, that the October 2007 spike for “Tough Guys Don’t Dance” could be in correlation with the video TubbsTattsyrup submitted, as it was put up on October 31st, 2007.



Oh God Oh Man Parody (watch in high quality) submitted by Neenawrr in August 2008:

Oh God. Oh Man. submitted by Bono212 in September 2008:

Silent Hill 5 ending #20 – Oh god, Oh man!! submitted by silenceofthehills in December 2008:

OH YEAH submitted by troslogoth in January 2009:

Ever Line Worst Readen submitted by 91419 in February 2009:

OH GOD OH MAN OH GOD OH MAN submitted by cinnamonrefresh in February 2009

YTP: Ryan O’Neal’s reaction to bowser’s letter submitted by cocklemankan in March 2009:

YTP: Oh man, oh god ! submitted by kilonardodicaprio in April 2009:

Worst Line Reading Ever: Star Wars Edition submitted by jtwright2001 in May 2009:

Youtube Poop: Oh man oh god oh man oh god! submitted by stefevr in June 2009:

Youtube Poop: Oh man Oh god submitted by Blader2600 in June 2009:

Vegeta Learns that Trunks is his Son true reaction submitted by c58930001 in June 2009:

Garbage Troll Oh God Poop submitted by thorax91 in September 2009:

Youtube poop: Oh my garbage man god day! submitted by Sextus70 in October 2009:

Worst line reading ever remake submitted by GreyFlagproductions in October 2009:

Play Ryan O’Neil off, Keyboard Cat submitted by sherdakooky in November 2009:

Control Freeks: “Oh God! Oh Man!” Episode One

Control Freeks: “Oh God! Oh Man!” Episode Two

Control Freeks: “Oh God! Oh Man!” Episode Three


The “Oh man oh God” clip has been used on a handful of YTMNDs. While this activity is probably too small to consider even a fad, it is evidence that the meme has spread outside of Youtube.

On February 26th, 2008 YTMNDer bobotheking created Oh man, oh God, oh man, oh God, oh man, oh God, oh man.
This YTMND has over 15,000 views, the most of all within this group.

Additional YTMNDs along this theme include:

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