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Paa Paa Tinko

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Shigeki Majima (Japanese : 真島茂樹) is a Japanese choreographer famous for his passionate dancing and behavior which seems like gay.[1] His impressive shout Paa Paa Tinko in a sales promotion video has been occasionally set to a subject of MAD video on the Japanese video sharing service Nico Nico Douga (NND) after 2009 because of his graphic dirty joke.


The resource of his video remix fad is a promoting video for CR Matsuken Samba 2 that is a machine for Japanese popular gambling pachinko[2] released by the Japanese company FUJISHOJI in 2006. This machine features Matsuken Samba II[3] that is 2004 big hit tune by the Japanese famous period drama actor Ken Matsudaira[4] and is famous for its eccentric live staging. Shigeki Majima is the choreographer of this song. So, he played a promoting role of this pachinko machine to express the excitement of this pachinko machine by his dancing.

Hello, I’m Shigeki Majima.
Pachinko CR Matsuken Samba 2 is a dancing pachinko.
So, take courage, and let’s dance together!

Hey! 1, 2,
With the rhythm of Samba, Paa-Paa-Tinko!
With Matsuken Samba, Paa-Paa-Tinko!

Make your crotch throw out with “Tinko!”

Matsuken bonus coming like Tinko! Tinko!

Yes. Move your crotch sharply with Tinko! and Tinko!

Figures are dancing in Paa-Paa-Tinko!
Get a special bonus and Up, Up, Down, Down, Open!
Get a bonus and Front, Front, Back!
Figures are dancing in Paa-Paa-Tinko!
With Matsuken Samba, Paa-Paa-Tinko!
…Tinko!… Once again, Tinko!

(Cut in)

OK. That’s all for today.

In this video, he is waving his crotch passionately and shouting “Paa-Paa-Tinko!” continually. For the public, his dance is to present the excitement provided by this machine. However, his behavior apparently looks like an awful dirty joke to many Japanese because “Tinko” (or “Chinko”) means “Penis” in Japanese.


It’s definitely universal truth that internet user loves dirty joke. And Japan is no exception. Some of NND users found this video and introduced it to their visual resources for MADs around 2009.

In addition, His funny moves seemed to gain a favor with a few of YouTube Poop Music Videos (YTPMVs) on YouTube creators outside Japan. He shows Tinko dance infrequently in videos made by them.

The amount of videos related to this promotion video and have been posted to NND[5] and YouTube[6] since 2008 is less than 100. As this search results show, he is never considered as a popular resource for online parodies.

Notable Examples

Left: Mayim Mayim[7] | Right: Evans[8]

Left: Sand Canyon[9] | Right: “No” by Vim!

Left: Clash on the Big Bridge | Right: Kimono Princess

Search Interest

External References

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