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"YouTube Poop Music Videos", also known by the acronym "YTPMV", are musical YouTube Poops, similar to a MAD video. Like a YouTube Poop, they feature various clips from TV shows, movies, commercials, and other video sources, but the clips are sequenced to fit to a rhythm and tone of a song. Some videos also follow the "Lyrical" formula, which involves causing the characters imitate singing to the song. Videos in the Lyrical formula often have original compositions as the background music.


The first example of a YTPMV is YTPMV: You Are An Egghead, uploaded on October 21st, 2007, by YouTube user Vorhias. The video included clips from the Super Mario World TV show matched up to an original composition. The video has since gained over 100,000 views in under 9 years.


Over the following thirteen years, YTPMVs grew into a popular genre of video, and have garnered a community which participate in various activities such as Soccers and collaboration videos.
YouTube user MrRoboto113 later uploaded a video on January 19th, 2008 of a YTPMV made out of Dr. Octogonapus clips and the song Someday by the band Sugar Ray (shown below, left). The video has since gained over 2 million views in over 8 years. Later, on May 28th, 2010, YouTube user EnigmaEvocative uploaded video combining Trololo and Rainbow Tylenol (shown below, right). The video has since gained over 3 million views in under 6 years.


In the mid-late 2010s, the format evolved such that specific songs became the subject of multiple YouTube Poop Music Videos. Songs such as You Reposted In The Wrong Neighborhood, All Star and We Are Number One grew into popular vehicles for YTPMVs, as remixers on YouTube would recreate the songs with various characters and editing techniques (examples shown below).

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