BG Kumbi

BG Kumbi

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BG Kumby is a Youtube blogger that has became target of trolling because of his many videos, mainly because of his videos about atheism and 9gag

BG Kumbi began his blog with a video titled “Random ideas and inventions”, where he gave random product ideas.

He began making videos from there on, with little to no attention, Until 19/05/2012 where he made a video titled “I Declare War on 4Chan… Join le 9Gag Revolution!!!” where he discussed about a “war” against 4chan, and asked for support on the attack, and giving rage faces names that are usualy used by 9gagers, such as “Cereal Man” or “9gag meme mask”

His video gained attention extremely fast, and was target of trolls and flamers for a long period of time. As of september 2013, this video has around 400.000 views and over 18.000 dislikes.
Regardless of the extremely negative feedback, that didn’t stop BG Kumby from making videos, on 21/05/2012 he released a video called “Apology to 4chan”. The title of the video was a Bait and Switch prank, and was actually an update on the war on 4chan, saying that if Christopher Pooles doesn’t take down 4chan within 2 weeks, he would start printing wanted posters with his face and place them around his neighborhood, and he would send his picture to Dog the Bounty Hunter

From there on, he started releasing many threat videos against 4chan, saying that one of his friends called “Dylan” is an expert hacker and would hack anyone who sends hate mail, and would take down 4chan, funnyjunk and Reddit of they didn’t take down their websites.

Later on he released another video, this time apologizing for real because of the threats he was taking in a daily basis.

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