Jared Milton

Jared Milton

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Jared Milton was a persona/troll character created by “Pronshi Malocco” in 2011 which lasted on two channels over the period of 2011/2012. The character was a very flamboyant, obnoxious and spiteful. Over the course of the two years the character accumulated around 15 million views combined. His first video went viral in July 2011 when he declared he was going to have anyone who disliked Justin Bieber arrested.


The video reached over 2 million views over the period of a week from sites such as 9gag, 4chan, funnyjunk and reddit. Many captioned images of Jared Milton with his eyes crossed flooded online forums and twitter.

Justin Bieber then tweeted about Jared Milton’s video making him trend on twitter worldwide for a few hours.

Ray William Johnson then stepped in to talk about Jared Milton

It reached mainstream attention after at the time the #1 most subscribed person on Youtube RayWilliamJohnson made a video about him. At this point the videos were picked up on popular news websites and blogs. Fox news even has a short segment featuring Jared about online bullying.

Wide Spread Backlash

The viral videos recived widespread hate and lead many to name Jared Milton as the most hate person on the internet. Many believed that despite Rebecca Black’s wide spread hatred she had a few fans while Jared Milton had no support. Not even Justin Bieber himself would support him. Jared Milton reportedly began to receive prank calls and around 10,000 death threats a day.

An Example of the prank calls. (Now believed to be elaborate hoaxes)

In August 2011 Jared’s channel was deleted off Youtube. It was widely speculated his home went into lock down and police where on the look out 24/7 after Jared’s home was threatened and him and his family where endangered. Jared’s father was supposedly fired from his job which he was in for 13 years and his wife whom is Jared’s mother was beaten in the the back of a Walmart shop in the toilet and had three of her fingers cut off.

Jeffery Sparon

In February 2012 Pronshi returned to YouTube with a new character “Jeffery Sparon.” Two videos were uploaded onto the account and both reached the front page of Youtube with the stream of traffic reaching the videos from social sites and gathered 1,800,000 and 4,200,000 views respectively. Again the videos recived wide spread attention around the net on sites such as reddit, 9gag, funnyjunk and 4chan. Also from more mainstream sites such as twitter and facebook. However the videos were deleted before March could even end and Pronshi disappeared off Youtube once again.

Jared Milton Short Return

On July 21st of 2012 a year after Jared initially went viral and become a internet spectacle, he uploaded a new video in which he states that violent video games and the internet should be banned forever. He submits facts he claims that are right. Like the Australia where responsible for the 9/11 attacks which they where influenced by Mario And Zelda games.

The video received around 20,000 views in the first few hours and over 2,000 dislikes. And thousands of negative comments/
The video was not received well online.

Jared then uploaded a video in which he asks for potential girlfriends. (The video became popular for Youtube’s captions)

Shortly after this Jared Milton’s account became inactive. It remained like this until 2014…

The Truth

On the 14th of Febuary 2014 two years after his last video Jared Milton A.K.A Pronshi Malocco released a new video.

After years of disappearances and reappearances and questions surrounding the character it was confirmed by the actor himself that it was all a joke that was blew out of proportion and was only intended for a few friends.

Case Closed

*Message to editors and Mods. 29/05/2014. Thank you for your unbiased account on my series I have linked my new youtube below for anyone wanting to see my real channel. Thank You! -Pronsh

fn1. Jared’s Youtube Channel fn2. Pronshi’s Official Youtube Channel

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