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Red Guy Blue Guy

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Red Guy Blue Guy memes basically consist of sign people, usually colored in red or blue, posed in such a way that they symbolize a sort of ideology, also known as an “-ism” (i.e. socialism, capitalism, libertarianism, etc.), but not necessarily. The blue character often represents the common man while the red character often represents an important figure like a leader of some sort.


As a picture, the first instance of a Blue Guy VS Red Guy was created by DeviantART user miniamericanflags on February 11th 2007 as way to share criticisms over the Socialism system as a way of life[1].

The earliest appearance of the meme on the internet was on the popular imageboard site, 4chan, on September 13, 2009[2]. Although, it might have appeared earlier seeing as the original thread was 404’d.


This meme has seen some light on a site called Breakbeat Science Forum[3] on the same day that the 4chan thread exploded, but later by an hour than its appearance on 4chan.

It’s most prominent appearance aside from its 4chan appearance was a picture compilation uploaded on the web on September 30, 2009 on several sites such as Reddit [4].

External References

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