Seibu Keisatsu OP Parodies

Seibu Keisatsu OP Parodies

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Seibu Keisatsu OP Parodies (Japanese: 西部警察OP MAD, Seibu Keisatsu OP MAD) are a series of parody videos that imitate the opening of the Japanese television drama Seibu Keikatsu.[1]


Seibu Keisatsu was famous for its quite ridiculous scenario and nonsense rendition, which are very memorable for Japanese TV viewers. Therefore, this show is well-known as the representative of too macho police drama of the 1980s in Japan.

The source footage for this series is the opening movie of the 3rd season of the show Seibu Keisatsu Part III, which was aired from April 1983 to October 1984. And its theme song with a heroic melody is “Wonderful Guys” written by the Japanese famous classic/pop music composer Kentaro Haneda.[2] This opening movie is consisting of condensed essences of the show: violence, over-the-top explosions and gunfires by too manly policemen.


After the launch of the Japanese video sharing service Nico Nico Douga (NND) in 2007, Japanese internet users began imitating this famous opening movie by various visual resources. One of the earliest instances which have scored many page views is this video featuring Bandai Namco’s video game Ace Combat 6.[3] It was uploaded to NND on November 29th, 2007.[4]

As same as that video, other videos in this series are made by putting pieces of visual resources effectively to fit with sound effects in the original footage (eg. explosions, shouting and sirens).

As of September 2012, the amount of videos in this series on NND is near 200.[5]

Notable Examples

Left: Train MADs[6] | Right: Fallout 3[7]

Left: Chargeman Ken![8] | Right: Grand Theft Auto 4[9]

Left: Electric Vehicle Warning Sound series[10] | Right: Axis Powers Hetalia[11]

Search Interest

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External References

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