Snel hest

Snel hest

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Snel hest is a misspelling of the Swedish phrase “snäll häst”. Snäll is translated nice, good or kind in English, while häst is the Swedish word for Horse. The “Snel hest” way of spelling it is kind of germansounding lolcat language.



According to the origin is a IRC channel connected to the the site possibly inspired by the Swedish for Beginners skits of Hip Hip,
One of the earliest macros is hestmatematik

<a href="">


The meme is used in two ways, hest-mathematics Image macros and usage of the phrase snel hest or klad hest in a way of expression satisfaction or joy.

Exemples of usage
“if you buy me a beer ‘im klad hest’

Image macro formula

A picture of someone + things that makes the person or animal [happy] + picture of the person [happy]

There are also pictures that not following the horsemathematics formula.

  • Jak
    The Swedish word “jag” (I in English) is spelled “jak” in the images. Jak is the swedish word for Yak. Something that has inspired some word play.
  • Pontén
    Henrik Pontén is a jurist active in the Swedish Anti-Piracy Bureau, and is often seen representing the organization in the media.
    When the internets found out the number of his cell phone he got a lot of text messages with the text “klapa snel hest” = “patt niez horz” (Pat nice horse). In a tv sent debate where Pontén was participating the viewers could send text messages that could be seen in the screen. The same sentence crashed the show’s sms server.
  • Child drawings
    There are scans from news papers were drawings alleged made by kids with a horse and the childish text snel hest.
    These drawings are suspected to be planted by pranksters.
    One notable example is a work by Arvid Jaur in WNT 16th of april 2005
    Arvid Jaur is suspiciously similar to Arvidsjaur
  • Hest mot folkgrupp
    In the Swedish langauge, Hate Speech is called “Hets mot folkgrupp.” There are photoshops of horses with swastikas and the text Hest mot folkgrupp (Horse against minority). [Guess such images would require NSFW tag]

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