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‘Stop Clopping to Ponies’ is a series of videos and pictures that are show characters form My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in sexual situations or scenes that look sexual form a character angle, video edit or adding audio to the original video. This is the same as a Wingboner but used in the physical sexual approach to the situation, not just the visual sexual approach.


As described form the Wingboner page:

“Clopping is considered the pony equivalent to fapping, internet slang for masturbation. Just as “fapping” is derived from an onomatopoeia, “clopping” is derived from the onomatopoeic word “clop”, used to describe the sound of a pony’s hooves striking a hard surface. Especially considering that the majority of the show’s cast is female, this has led to jokes about how hard the ponies’ genitals would have to be to produce a sound often associated with hooves striking stone or concrete.
The term is usually used in brony culture as a reaction to Rule 34 related content involving My Little Pony characters, in similar fashion to Wingboners. It is also used as an inside joke among fans.”


The first video that has been uploaded from Youtube or the Internet was called “STOP FAPPING TO HORSES, SERIOUSLY” which has been uploaded on the Mar 27, 2011.

Till then the subculture has been popular to the community where people have made videos of scenes from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that show a scene of sexual activity that has been used as a joke to attract a person (or a Brony) to masturbate to it. The title of the video tells the user to avoid wanking, fapping or clopping to the video for the intended comical effect.
Sometimes the use of the character is used on the video and the title then changes to “STOP CLOPPING TO X” where X is the name of the character to attract the favorite ponies of the user.

These are sone examples of the videos uploaded from Youtube besides the first video on top of this page.


Most reactions have been negative to the enforce of “clopping” to an animal with human features but some do realize it is for a comedic purpose only.

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