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Gibberish is one of the generic term to talk or text. Gibberish speech or text generally doesn’t mean anything, at least has less mean or hard to understand. It may also has a usage to imitate a language or accent.


The oldest known of the term is around the 16th century[1]. The term probably derived from Irish word “gab” or “gob”, but the origin of the “Gibber” word is still unknown.

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Abloo Bloo Bloo

“Abloo Bloo Bloo” is the term that is often used to interrupt, troll or being sarcasting towards to emotional threads, discussions or arguments similar as baww

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The earliest usage of the term comes from the achewood webcomic series in 16 March 2004[2].

In the comic “A Bloo Bloo” is determined as “a blubbering with both performing sob and talk at the same time” by one of the main character Lyle[3] who loves to prank his friends.


Tumblr user prionace posted a slightly NSFW comic about the relationship between the avenger characters and it reached 805 notes afterwards[4].

While comic become viral in tumblr blogs, last frame from the comic illustrated by the other tumblr users. Meanwhile the term is used by the other bloggers to express their emotions or being sarcastic about it[5].


Shizzle (or fo-shizzle) is mostly described as a weird accent comes from Snoop Dogg or a rapper slang term means “shit” or “sure”[6].


Gizoogle is an online translator which provides to translate articles or websites into gangsta slang.[7]

The site is originally founded by John Beatty in 2005, after an inspration of Snoop Dogg’s TV program “Doggy Fizzle Televizzle”. It isn’t bounded with Google company nor one of it’s products.

The site kept working until it’s domain had been aquired by some company in 2011[10].



fgsfds is one of the meanless 4chan phrase used in weird or nonsense situations. Click for more information


Wololo is the sound made by the Priest in the 1997 game Age of Empires. It is used as an interruptor, causing the color of something to change colors between red and blue. Click for more information


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