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Nightcore is the glorified term to describe the style of speeding up Eurodance, Hands Up and Trance, emerged in the mid 2000s[12] on YouTube. It is characterized by a tempo of between 160 and 180 beats per minute[13] with high-pitched vocal. It is originated by the Norwegian DJ duo of the same name back in 2002.[1][2]

Nightcore, described by the Norwegian DJ duo Nightcore, is “mix techno/dance music into faster and more happier sounds for your listening pleasure!”.[2][5] During the interview with SuperSuper Magazine in 2011, they mentioned: “Nightcore has become a style of music, a way to make the music happier – ‘happy hardcore’ as they say."[3] Nightcore also answered nightcore music is happy hardcore music when asked by a fan.[21]

Since 2011, nightcore has been massively misused to describe sped up version of various genres other than Dance, Trance music, including Pop, Rock and Hip Hop. The overwhelming number of sped up Pop, Rock and Hip Hop songs labelled “Nightcore” on YouTube effectively hijacked the word Nightcore.

What is Nightcore in short

1. The Norwegian DJ duo Nightcore. (official website, official Facebook page)
2. The glorified term to describe the style of speeding up slow, techno/dance songs (usually sad love songs)[1][2][3] into fast, upbeat songs (original Nightcore songs).

The following are original Nightcore songs, remastered and uploaded by Maikel6311.

The following are the greatest hits of the originals, not the remastered version so the audio qualities may not be as good as the above ones.

Dam Dadi Doo 4,865,680 views Lucky Star 1,457,081 views
Take me 1,405,287 views Will my heart Survive 922,491 views
Look at me now 656,225 views Another Night 522,235 views

3. The glorified term to describe the style of speeding up Eurodance, Hands Up and Trance songs into fast, upbeat songs (fan-made nightcore style songs).

4. (Misused) The sped up version of any song (random songs).

Hip hop/Rap
Pop rock
Dubstep (aka “Nightstep” See nightcore derications


In 2002, Norwegian student Thomas S. Nilse (aka DJ TNT) and Steffen Ojala Søderholm (aka DJ SOS), both were born in 1986 in north of Norway,[1] started off the first track for a school project.[1][2][3][5][6] After being told by the teacher they will score 4+ for one song, they eventually made their first CD Energized which consisted of 13 tracks using the software Dance eJay 3 and they scored 6 for the project.[6]

Thomas S. Nilse and Steffen Ojala Søderholm used the duo name Nightcore, “Nightcore means that we are the core of the night, so you’ll dance all night long”.[5] After their first CD released in 2002, Nightcore using more advanced software, released four more albums[5] including Summer Edition 2002 (top left), L’hiver (top right), Sensaciòn (bottom left) and Caliente (bottom right). The CDs were given to local DJs and whoever interested.[3]



Following releases of the albums, Nightcore commented on their website, saying:[5]

Summer Edition was played in many CD-players here in our hometown. L’hiver is our third album, it’s French for winter. This album was a good one, but because our lack of promotion it didn’t get that famous as Summer Edition. Sensaciòn, Spanish for feeling. We had a goal to make this the better one, and personally, we think it’s the best so far. After just five days the album has reached whole Finnmark (our region), with a big success.

After 2003, Nightcore released no more news or release, leaving the only a website with basic information of the band[4] and a (probably fan-made) Myspace page registered on October 18, 2005 which no longer active since February 2009.[7] The recetption of Nightcore music received positive reviews from MySpace users back in 2006 and 2007.[8][9]

On July 20, 2011, Nightcore created their official Facebook page.[2] Releasing four more Nightcore songs including Astral Plane, All I Want For Christmas Is You, Hater Å Elske Deg and Into The Sky. [1][2]

Original Nightcore songs

YouTube playlist of all found original Nightcore songs (except 5 Elements, Elements and Trip 2 Wonderland.)
Remastered and uploaded by Maikel631.

Track Duration
1. Don’t Let Me Down 2:55
2. Walk Alone 3:07

Sensaciòn tracklist on [11]

Track Duration
1. Find My Way To You (Oldest) 3:06
2. Du och Jag 3:02
3. Look At Me Now 2:42
4. Forever 3:14
5. Reaching Out 3:42
6. Will My Heart Survive 3:28
7. My Name Is Rose 2:54
8. Sending S.O.S. 3:17
9. Elements 2:55
10. Stop That Time 2:48
11. Take Me 3:00
12. Fallin’ 3:20
13. Another Night 2:36
14. Without You 3:02
15. Don’t Say Goodbye 3:05

Caliente tracklist on [10]

Track Duration
1. 5 Elements 2:55
2. Breathe Without You 2:55
3. Dam Dadi Doo 2:42
4. Destiny 3:13
5. Don’t You 2:48
6. Feel the Stars 3:08
7. Here In My Heart 2:46
8. History 2:57
9. Life Is A Mystery 3:30
10. Lucky Star 2:38
11. Now I’m Free 2:55
12. Promised Land 2:47
13. Rainbow 2:43
14. Ta Sama Chwila 3:02
15. Trip 2 Wonderland (Oldest) 2:30
16. Where Are You Now 3:03
17. Why 2:54
18. Wriemia Agniej 3:09
Track Duration
1. Astral Plane 2:50
2. All I Want For Christmas 3:47
3. Hater Å Elske Deg 3:18
4. Into The Sky 3:21

5 Elements (Oldest to be found)
All I Want For Christmas
Another Night
Astral Plane
Breathe Without You
Dam Dadi Doo
Don’t Say Goodbye (Oldest to be found)
Don’t You (Oldest to be found)
Don’t Let Me Down
Du och Jag
Feel the Stars
Find My Way To You
Hater Å Elske Deg
Here In My Heart
History (Oldest to be found)
Into The Sky
Life Is A Mystery
Look At Me Now
Lucky Star
My Name Is Rose
Now I’m Free
Promised Land
Reaching Out
Sending S.O.S. (Oldest to be found)
Stop That Time
Ta Sama Chwila
Take Me
Trip 2 Wonderland (Oldest to be found, starts at 3:15)
Walk Alone
Where Are You Now (Oldest to be found)
Will My Heart Survive
Without You
Wriemia Agniej

Music influence of Scooter

During the SuperSuper Megazine interview, Nightcore mentioned:[3]

We liked Scooter and his high-pitched vocals. There were so few of these kinds of artists, we thought that mixing music in our style would be a pleasure for us to listen to.

In Nightcore’s offical Facebook page, they also stated that they are influenced by Scooter’s Nessaja and Ramp! (The logical song). [2]


The history Nightcore on Internet can be summarized into the following:
Original Nightcore songs emerge on the Internet (2006-2007)
Nightcore Dance MV & AMV (2006-present)
Fan-made nightcore songs (2008-present)
Misunderstanding of nightcore (2011-present)
Nightcore slowly recognized by the music industry (2011-present)

Original Nightcore songs emerge on Internet (2006-2007)

LimeWire is the known first platform of distributing original Nightcore songs. However, as LimeWire‎ was shut down in 2010, the origin of Nightcore songs on LimeWire is lost. During 2006 and 2007, only few Nightcore songs were uploaded to YouTube, including Dam Dadi Doo, Don’t You, Where Are You Now, all used in Kingdom Hearts AMV.

During the SuperSuper Megazine interview, Nightcore stated:[3]

Just for fun some years later we tried to search for Nightcore on LimeWire and got several hits. Then we Googled ‘Nightcore’ and found even more hits, not knowing how they got there. We have NEVER uploaded any of our tracks. so it’s kind of a mystery how it worked out…

Google results for Nightcore in 2006

Google results for Nightcore in 2007

Nightcore Dance MV & AMV (2006-present)

Since late 2006, Nightcore songs began to be used in various AMV (Anime Music Videos) and dance MV uploaded to YouTube and slowly gaining attention.

Dance MV

As first Nightcore song on YouTube is unknown due to video got deleted over years, but one of the earliest upload is “DAM DADI DO” by Wassabi Productions. The follow is a reupload of the. Although the time of the original video being uploaded is unknown, both outro of the following videos are both Stop That Time (misnamed to Me and My Lover in Wassabi Productions’ video), suggesting the second video is watching Wassabi Productions’ video, and Wassabi Productions’s video was uploaded before 23 Aug 2006.

The following the collection of Nightcore Dance MV on YouTube, excluding DAM DADI DO by wassabi productions and Dam Dadi Do ((vickis retard dance)).
Search result of Dam Dadi Doo on YouTube


Will My Heart Survive dance by SofStickIncorporated

Another Night dance by yayaya223

Where Are You Now, Look at Me Now, Another Night by FroggerTrance


Dam Dadi Doo, featuring a fat boy dancing, which obviously reminded the uploadeder Numa Numa.

Dance tutorial by Wassabi Production with Dam Dadi Doo played in the background.


Dam Dadi Doo dance by Lex


Dam Dadi Doo Dance MV compilation, consist of 15 YouTubers’ Dam Dadi Doo Dance (starts at 00:18), uploaded by GoGoManTV

Dam Dadi Doo AMV

The first AMV was Dam Dadi Doo- Powerpuffgirls Z uploaded on August 26, 2006. The audio is of bad quality and may not work with the latest Flash Player. It can be played with Audacity or VLC after download. The song name and the artist, is mentioned in the description.

The first popular uploaded Nightcore song is Dam Dadi Doo used in a Kingdom Hearts AMV on September 20, 2006. The artist name Nightcore was not mentioned in the description but it was in other AMV description later.

Google results for Dam Dadi Doo in 2007

The following are the most viewed Dam Dadi Doo AMVs.

Nightcore-Dam Da Di Do~Yuna, featuring Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna’s concert 2,709,149 views

Anime Dance – Dam Dadi Do 2,048,309 views

Dam Dadi Doo: Pichu style 989,429 views

MMV ~ Dam Dadi Doo 732,557 views

Kingdom Hearts – Dam Dadi Doo! 723,173 views

Fan-made Nightcore songs (2008-present)

From 2008 to 2010, both original Nigtcore songs and fan-made Nightcore songs were gradually being more popular and more songs were available.

WIP 80%

In 2008, Maikel631 started his channel on 9 February.[14] Another early fan-made nightcore song channel is Nasinocinesino (aka VortexVK, Nasinocinesino1 and Nightek1 [15]). His accounts are suspended several times and he will “move on Dailymotion to find some peace from the copyright of Youtube.” [15]

One of the remained online presences of Nasinocinesino is Awesome Face Song by mancannonb1 which stated in the description, the video is “Epicness from Nasinocinesino!” The actual connection between the song and Nasinocinesino is unknown yet but it is possible the song was originally uploaded on Nasinocinesino’s channel.

In 2008, one of the remaning major fan-made nightcore songs uploader was oShyGuyzo who uploaded 17 fan-made nightcore songs on YouTube labelled “Nightcore II”.

Nightcore II: Ravers Fantasy 3,547,829 views
Nightcore II: Jump Jump 2,098,834 views
Nightcore II: Pretty Rave Girl 1,988,399
Nightcore II: Crazy Baby 1,744,483 views
Nightcore II: Forever Gamer 1,256,295 views I Will Believe It – Nightcore 229,981 views

Google results for Nightcore in 2008


WIP 60%

In 2009, more fan-made nightcore channels started to run. Including Svetlana89, NightcoreVIIFan, MuffinWolf, 174005, LILMUFFINGIRL1, Linus Persson, Michel van Ravestein, Indyapa Productions, kimchi4fun and Ralphie Cee.

Svetlana89 is one of the longest running nightcore channel, being active till April 2013. One of the major fan-made Nightcore uploader was and who uploaded 201 Nightcore and Trance songs on YouTube.

Where Is The Love Bad Boy
Can’t Stop The Rain

NightcoreVIIFan is, stated in the channel description, “a fan page for Nightcore VII. I only post videos for his speedy mixes.” The actual NightcoreVII account is very likely to be suspended.



Ralphie Cee
Nightcore – Listen to your heart by Ralphie Cee. Although the vocal pitch is sufficiently lower than usual Nightcore songs, the recpetion is positive.

Nightcore – Listen to your heart 1,875,854 views

Google results for Nightcore in 2009


WIP 5%

In 2010, one of the major Nightcore uploader was Lanta111 who uploaded 81 Nightcore songs onYouTube labeled “Nightcore III”. The account went inactive in mid 2012.

Google results for Nightcore in 2010


WIP 5%

In 2011, one of the major Nightcore uploader was AliceBloodRabbit who uploaded 45 Nightcore songs on YouTube.

That same year, the most popular Nightcore uploader Maikel631 ’s YouTube account was suspended due to copyright strikes then he started his second channel Maikel6311. His account has now reached over 66,000 subscribers and 37 millions of views.

Google results for Nightcore in 2011


WIP 0%


WIP 0%


Since February 2014, Google search result of “Nightcore songs” will show all songs from Caliente and Sensaciòn. Also, the search result of nightcore and songs from that two albums directly shows the song on YouTube with artist, album and release year stated below (below).

Misuse of Nightcore (2011-present)

WIP 50%

Even since the first fan-made nightcore song emerged on YouTube, there have been few sped up non techno/dance songs uploaded to YouTube labelled “Nightcore”. Since 2011, the amount of sped up pop, rock, hip hop/rap songs labelled “Nightcore” on YouTube increased rapidly. Some of the songs were great hits, accumulating millions of views. After the bloom of “fake” nightcore songs, nightcore was misunderstood as sped up and high pitched version of any song.

So what caused the rise of fake nightcores? thread on Nightcore Universe

The most viewed sped up of rock song is Angel With A Shotgun proformed by The Cab, with over 8 million views. The following a reupload of the original.

Nightcore outside YouTube

Nightcore has been existing on the Internet without commercial intentions, garnering millions of YouTube comments, views and likes, and yet remains completely unregarded outside the Internet. However, as nightcore grew more popularity, some professional producers started to make nightcore version of their tracks or use nightcore when naming their releases.

Nightcore in music industry

WIP 60%

Releases by actual producers

The first use of “nightcore” for music release is The Nightcore Files Vol. 1, released by German producer Akira Sun on August 5, 2011.[19] The recpetion was genrealy negative from the nightcore community Nightcore Universe. Two moderators of the community replied to Akira Sun’s thread about the release, stated he “completely missed the idea of what Nightcore is”.[18]

Most tracks in The Nightcore Files are produced by Akira Sun. All nightcore examples provided by Akira Sun on YouTube are produced by other producers, and those are the only few songs in The Nightcore Files can be called nightcore.

Sandra Gee – Summertime (Bacardiflavour Remix) JA.AN LASÉ – The Light (Liquid Cosmo Club Mix)

DCX is the second artist released nightcore version of their songs. The first release is Fortune & Fate (Nightcore Version) on July 20, 2013 followed by 8 more (Nightcore Version) and (Nightcore Speed Mix). The official nightcore versions are generally slower and lower pitch than the usual nightcore song.

Unicornius – Sparkles*’ Stuck On The Train Headphone Destruction Nightcore Remix by Oliver Age 24 on October 2, 2013
Nightcore Piano (with DJ BasslineMachine) by Vm Ventor on December 18, 2013
Crystals (Djemba Djemba Nightcore Remix) by AWE on January 18, 2014
Daylight 2 My Heart (Nightcore Speed Mix) and Lost Beyond the Sadness (Nightcore Speed Mix) by Liquid Black on February 2, 2014
Put Your Ass In The Air (Nightcore Remix) by Brandi Delmore on February 18, 2014

Releases by random labels

The first popularized releases is album Dreamworld, released by DeathNetStudios on February 07, 2013.[20] No original artist is credited, all artists are stated “Nightcore”. The album includes songs from both nightcore genre and non-nightcore genre including dubstep and rock. It is unknown whether the album is released by the actual Norwegian DJ duo Nightcore or they are being impersonated. DeathNetStudios is, stated by a Nightcore Universe member claimed to be a former employee, bankrupt now and completely inactive.[17]

There are more random labels using “Nightcore” as artist selling random sped up songs, including Rexo, Nightcore, Maxi Bass and Nightcore Haven.[17] Some audio qualities of the songs sold by the above labels are even worse than the ones on YouTube.

Editor’s Note: It is not advised to buy fan-made nightcore songs from random labels when they are all available free on YouTube.

Nightcore on Digitally Imported – DI Radio

Nightcore channel on Digitally Imported (an Internet electronic dance music radio broadcaster) launched on April 24 2014. The channel description stated “The Pitched up vocals and Happy Hardcore beats!”[16] The channel is directed by Nightcore Universe member Zurd.

Indroduction of Nightcore channel in Digitally Imported newsletter:[23]

Nightcore is a sub-genre of the internet age, taking Trance, Eurodance, and Hands Up from the early 2000s and pitching them up to 170BPM. YouTube played an important role in the success of this sound as well as the ease of access to technology allowing anyone to get involved making their own Nightcore versions of tracks with ease. Nightcore on Digitally Imported focusses on these Trance and Dance Nightcore edits, with lots of vocals and Happy Hardcore beats, rather than the Pop and Rock sub-culture that also developped alongside it.

Nightcore radio station thread on Nightcore Universe
Nightcore channel songs discussion thread on Nightcore Universe
Songs on DI/YouTube need remastering/replacing thread on Nightcore Universe
List of new songs on the Nightcore channel of DI Radio

Active Nightcore channels

WIP 70%

Incomplete, still looking for more. Sub count updated: 2014/6/13.

Channel Subscribed Uploads Remarks (genres, non techno/eurodance/hands up/trance count)
1. Maikel6311 792000 235(443) Eurodance, Hands up, Trance
2. HandzUpNightcore 10900 433(492) Hands up
3. NightCoreChing 6900 130(190) Hands up
4. Rinniieeee 5700 286(322) Hands up
5. ♫►INARI NIGHTCORE◄♫ 5500 242 Hands up, Pop 1
6. NinjaahNightcore 4800 62 Hands up, songs before Nightcore – Rockstar are house
7. NightcoreUploadz 4100 176 Hands up, Trance
8. fennyluvhellokitty 3500 100 Eurodance, Hands up
9. SchwarzeRose200 2800 66 Handsup, House 1
10. AlwaysNightcore 2400 34 Eurodance
11. SakutaroChannelNC3 1990 279 Italo dance, Dubstep
12. xMisterkinox 1970 64(119) Eurodance, Hands up, Italo dance
13. bafondzi 1800 328 Eurodance, Hands up, Italo dance
14. reinaXmina 1000 89 Some Hands up mixes of Pop songs, Nightstep, House 1
15. MisakuAideki 970 124
16. kyleaaron91 910 68 Hands up, Trance, Pop 1, House 1, No vocal 1
17. littlemary142 740 132 Hands up, Trance, Pop 1, House 1
18. Nightcoremania4U 530 91 Remixes (NCM Remix), Hands up
19. NightcoreSlax 480 132(177) Hands up
20. CopyCatMaster01 200 29(52) Hands up
21. MrGameletsplays 93 9 Eurodance
22. Nightcore + HandsUp! 74 101(106) Hands up
23. BlackJackJoeOfficial 47 26
24. HKO2006 46 15(59) Eurodance, Hands up, Trance
25. Steams Nightcore 38 36(45) Trance, Hands up
26. Zurd33 15 12(29) Eurodance, Hardcore

Full list of Nightcore channel spreadsheet indexed over 300 channels and more

Nightcore derivations

After the success of fan-made nightcore music on YouTube, different genres/styles of EDM started to be experimented to be altered speed and pitch, and uploaded on YouTube labelled with “night-” prefix. The most notable derivation is nightstep.

WIP 10%


Nightstep first appeared in late 2011. It is created by speeding up a dubstep song.

The first nightstep song (to be found in 2014) was uploaded on September 6 2011 by NightCoreMixes, named “Night Step- Sudden Rush”.

Less notable

Negative Nightcore

Song is faster but the vocals are in a lower pitch (sounds like a male voice).


Slower tempo and lower pitch.


Slower tempo and lower pitch for a dubstep song.


WIP 5%

Nightcore Universe

Nightcore Universe is the biggest Nightcore fan community on the web.


Nightcore and anime

The original DJ duo Nightcore didn’t used image of anime on their CDs cover, however the fans who first created Nightcore on YouTube did it and from then on, the popularity grew.

Search queries for Nightcore have risen steadily since 2011 when the overwhelming number of sped up pop, rock, hip hop/rap songs labelled “Nightcore” emerged on YouTube.

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nightcore (n)
/ˈnaitːkɔr, -ːoʊr/
1. an offshoot of the hardcore techno genre of music, characterized by a more upbeat tone and less grating sound
2. YouTube dance mixes with pictures of anime girls in the background


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