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Philips CD-i

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The Philips CD-i is a video game console/interactive multimedia CD player developed and marketed by Philips in 1991 [1]. The CDi was a commercial failure and has been considered as one of the worst video game consoles, mostly from the often panned The Faces of Evil, The Wand of Gamelon, and Hotel Mario on the system and the expensive $700 price tag


After Nintendo dropped Sony from a project of making a CD add-on for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which ultimately resulted in the birth of Sony’s Playstation series, Nintendo collaborated with Phillips to continue development of it, but it was ultimately scrapped, Nintendo did give Phillips rights to Nintendo’s characters

The CD-i was originally a multimedia system introduced in 1991 that was capable of playing interactive CD-i discs, Audio CD’s, CD + Graphics, Video CD’s, and Karaoke CD’s, it was a failure as people were confused with it, Phillips eventually reintroduced it as a video game console in 1994 and redesigned it to look more like a console and had the game Burn Cycle packed in with it, it was too late as the Sega Saturn and Playstation were announced also

The original Phillips CD-i before it’s reintroduction

Due to the still high price tag and the lack of quality games, it wasn’t considered a competitor in the video game market and sold poorly [2], eventually, it was discontinued in 1996

The redesigned Phillips CD-i that was reintroduced as a video game console

The company lost almost one billion dollars due to the poor sales of the console


The system was a commercial failure due to the expensive price, lack of quality games, and the fact it was introduced around when the Sega Saturn and PlayStation were announced, the system had also been panned by critics also for the expensive price tag and lack of quality games.

In 2008, The Angry Video Game Nerd uploaded a review of the CD-i Console and Games, giving both the console and game a negative review and listing the games as some of the worst games

Hotel Mario

Hotel Mario is a 1994 computer puzzle game that was developed by Fantasy Factory and published by Phillips Interactive Media and Nintendo for the Phillips CD-i, the plot centers around Mario going through seven koopa hotels set up by Bowser to rescue Princess Toadstool

The game was panned by critics and was considered one of the worst Mario centered games due to the terrible controls and repetitive gameplay, which is mostly just shutting doors on all seven levels of the game, cutscenes of the game however, have often been remixed in YouTube Poop videos

Zelda CD-i Remixes

Zelda CD-i remixes are a series of mash-up and parody videos based on cutscenes from The Legend of Zelda CD-i games. Due to its lackluster quality in animation and shoddy dialogues, the remix series became immensely popular within YouTube Poop community and spawned hundreds of derivatives featuring characters from Zelda CD-i games. The videos are quite notable for their extreme deviations from The Legend of Zelda canon, including the depiction of the Triforce as a blue pyramid and the premise of having Zelda save Link.

Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon are two action-adventure games developed by Animation Magic and published by Phillips Media for the CD-i, The Faces of Evil was released around the same time as The Wand of Gamelon, both games play and look similar due to the low budget and simultaneous develop cycle

Both games had received positive reviews when they were released and were praised for the graphics and speech before they were eventually panned by critics and considered some of the worst games ever, cutscenes from both games have also been remixed in YouTube Poop videos

Zelda’s Adventure

Zelda’s Adventure is an action-adventure fantasy game that was developed by Viridis and released for the Phillips CD-i, the games plot is a rare Zelda-saves-Link storyline in which Ganon captures Link and Zelda has to rescue Link by collecting the seven celestial signs

The game was widely panned by critics, the graphics have been called blurry and digitized and the acting was called unprofessional and the game couldn’t play sound and music at the same time, since the game was released near the console’s discontinuation, copies of the game have become very rare

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