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Tabby is an Internet celebrity that rose to fame on 4chan’s /b/ board. She is currently a YouTube partner, and makes videos on the Tabbs24x7[1] and Tabbs24x7Official YouTube channels.[2]


On September 24th 2009, several months after her “I gotta ferret” video was posted to 4chan. It was originally uploaded to YouTube several months prior by Tabby’s original account “TabithaRidiman”. The video showed random clips of a 15 year old Tabby talking about her ferret, singing along to Gunther’s Ooh, You Touch My Tra La La, and putting things up her nose.


Like Boxxy (although on a smaller scale), there were some who quickly named her the new “queen of /b/”. There were also Boxxy fanboys, upset by the declaration of a new queen, and there were also many who couldn’t seem to care less about any supposed queens of /b/.

Her personal info was found rather quickly, including the YouTube, Myspace and Twitter accounts of Tabby, her mother and sister. Over 200 pictures were found and put up on a Photobucket (now deleted).

Account Controversy

On September 25th 2009, Tabby removed all her Youtube videos and her Myspace, but someone made a new Youtube account under the username TabbyRidiman, mirroring all of her videos. Eventually Tabby’s mother posted a comment on the mirrored video threatening to take down the videos and that she had contacted the KY State Police. Many of the mirrored accounts have been shut down.

YouTube Return

On September 29th 2009, Tabby created a new video addressing all of the mixed reactions.

On her new Youtube channel “tabs24x7”, she reposted some of the videos from her old channel, including the ferret video.

On December 5th 2009, Tabby posted a new video in the same style as her ferret video but clearly meant for Anonymous. This time she incorporated some popular memes in her video, for example she sings along with Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up, nom nom nom and SPARTAAAAA. She says that she’s back and here to stay and will continue to make new videos. “Score!” has become her catchphrase.


On January 4th 2010, Tabby posted a new video with some references to known memes such as Star Wars kid and Loituma Girl. She sings along with Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction and Loituma’s levan Polkka.

Tabby wants to be a Charizard!

After a few months of absence, Tabby returned to Youtube somewhere in March 2010 and regularly posted videos, most of them showing her playing around with her friends and the many animals she has on her farm.
More videos can be seen in the video gallery below.

Record Deal

On May 2nd, 2011 Tabby uploaded a video saying she would be going to Sweden on May 18th for 5 days to record an album.

[1]YouTube – Tabs24x7

[2]YouTube – Tabs24x7Official

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