Umineko screenshot generator

Umineko screenshot generator

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Story and gameplay
The Umineko series is part of the “When they Cry” VN series by 07th Expansion, spanning 6 episodes and counting. The anime version of the series was aired between July 2 and December 24, 2009 and was produced by Studio DEEN.

Currently the fan group Witch-Hunt is translating the game with 07th Expansion’s permission. Episode 5’s translation patch was released in January; episode 6 is currently at 6% translated and is due out some time in summer at the earliest.

The game is counted as a “Sound novel” for the fact it does not offer different path choices to reach a ending. It is told in book format with character sprites instead, along with a narrator overview.

The way a VN, or SN reads is like this. Text is placed on screen and scrolled down at the readers pace, music and sound effects also play during scenes and moments in game. Character sprites are given a range of emotions and faces along with different poses and are changed during the story to give the novel a better feel. Instead of the reading having to get a image in there minds on how a scene or the whole book in general would look like, it is played out on screen for them to read / watch.

The story of the series follows Battler Ushiromiya as he tries to deny magic and witches as members of his family are killed one by one by the Golden witch “Beatrice” during the family conference. He is placed in a game where he has to use logic to defeat the game master in order to solve the mystery of the murders. Commonly used tactics are closed room murders, devil’s proof, the raven paradox, and Schrödinger’s cat. Along with edited rules of “Ronald Knox’s rules of mystery”

Spanning on the 4chan board /jp/ recently renamed Otaku general, is a generator taking the Umineko fan base to new heights. Or in this case fake screenshots with “questionable” content. On March 8th the link to the generator popped up in a “Let’s solve Umineko” / “Perfect ending” board.

The first thread where the link was brought up can be found here
Original post

The 2nd thread where the link was next given out and crated the fake screenshots can be found here
/jp/ thread

Generator page

All fans have to do is put in any info they want in to the generator to come up with a “screenshot” of the VN. As most of the sprites and backgrounds are already there for people to pick out of, making it really look like said screenshot is taken out of the source material.

Most people are posting threads with “episode 6 translated spoilers”, though there’s no real “spoiling” to screenshots.

The screenshots made by people are mostly fake ideas or jokes, some times theories that are in use in the fanbase. Some do contain spoilers for the game, but should be common knowledge for fans of the series.

Other handy links

Oh Desire meme

Umineko fan wiki

Witch-Hunt’s official site

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