OH DESIRE / Kinzo shop

OH DESIRE / Kinzo shop

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The thread where the meme started can be found here

On November 3rd 2009 , users of the image board 4chan started photoshopping the face of Kinzo “Goldsmith” Ushiromiya on to random images and screenshots of the Umineko no Naku Koro ni (When the Seagulls Cry), or widely know as Seacats or Seakitty’s anime. Or at least that is when the template for the meme started.

Part of the meme can be traced to before that time. To around August 2009, when a edited copy of the “Japanese bird playing piano” image was edited to have the Beatrice protract edited on to the frame in the background. The thread on /jp/ with the edit can be found here

Different images with the bird can be found to. One of the more well known ones is, the Bird with the Kinzo cape ms paint style edited on. With the Yami o kirisaku OH DESIRE line in white text.

The bird part of the meme is still active and can be found daily on /jp/
a example can be found here

The Umineko series is part of the “When they Cry” VN series by 07th Expansion, spanning 6 episodes and counting. The anime version of the series was aired between July 2 and December 24, 2009 and was produced by Studio DEEN. (The air date of the last episode is also part of the joke “Umineko ruined Christmas” as the last episode viewed by most fans was worse then the fan made animation ending)

The shops in question ranged from just putting the VN design of Kinzo’s face on to a anime image. Such as Konata from Lucky Star or even shopped fan art or real life images. But most of the time it’s shopped screenshots from the anime.

Most images also had the words “OH DESIRE” in bold text, or a combo of the Japanese words from the ending leading up to it. As the only thing from the anime version of the series people on 4chan and other sites are willing to say exists are reaction faces and the ending theme song. It is also partly if you see the word desire, you have to caps lock and post the part of the ending theme when the “OH DESIRE” starts. Though that part of the meme is slowly dieing down, along with the amount of photo edits as the anime ended.

The song used as the ending theme is called “La Divina Tragedia: Makyoku” by Jimang from Sound Horizon or better known by fans as “Kinzo’s rock opera” (A joke put in place by gg fansubs during the ending credits, where they re-named the song)as the song sounds like something Kinzo would sing.

The point in the song where the meme starts is in the third line (or about :48 in the video) , where it starts with

Yami o kirisaku OH DESIRE

Another line out of the song can be heard as SACRFICE SHEEP TO GOD, it can also be used while posting the images or just joining in on the caps lock posting part of the meme.

As Oh Desire is said in a “Engrish” style (Same with the Sheep line) and used though out the song. Both lines quickly spread to being catchphrases when posting Kinzo images.

More shops and other images can be found here (warning partly NSFW )

It’s easy to join in with your own edits, just open up MS paint or a different program of your choice. Pick a image you want to shop the face in, and copy pasta the face using this template http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/38296

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Searches for “oh desire” begin in July of 2009. We have compared this to “40 Cakes” for the sake of comparing scale. “40 cakes” is notable as one of the smaller in-jokes. Searches for “Oh desire” exceeded “40 cakes” in November of 2009, and have continued to increase from there.

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