Verbose Memes

Verbose Memes

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About Verbosity

Verbosity, also known as prolixity or garrulousness is a noun, or word used as the name of a thing, that refers to an excessive, superfluous, even redundant amount of words employed in a manner which does nothing to convey a more accurate meaning; especially in cases where the meaning of the sentence could quite efficiently be conveyed using a much smaller amount or number of words.

The Verbose Meme

Verbosity appears in instances of many other memes; often with the subject of the meme wearing a top hat, monocle, and occasionally a cane; reminiscient of a late 19th century aristocrat.

It is very similar to Bayeux Tapestry in that it takes an existing meme or catchphrase, changes the language around a bit, and makes it into a joke upon a joke.

Furthermore, when one chooses to use a verbose style of prose in one’s digitally altered images, these images stand in stark contrast to the typically inferior intentional disregard for spelling, grammar, and punctuation popularized by the dialect of lolspeak.

Verbosity can even be found in certain itterations of Youtube Poop sector at one point:

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量子 Meme
量子 Meme

“an adult gentleman, with rather dark-skinned complextion, whos ancestral roots may be traced back to the african and/or middle eastern reigon of the world, has intentionally aquired my 2 wheel method of transportation, known as a bicycle, without proper consent or permission from its owner to aquire it in the first place, therefore violating the legal system in a regardless manner which has caused me to dislike this careless and dishonest action from the dark skinned gentleman”

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