Dafuq meme with Snape from Harry Potter reacting in shock.


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Dafuq is a slang interjection typically used in reaction to that which makes no sense or provokes severe confusion. It is short for the colloquial phrase "[what] the fuck?" and typically written without capital letters, spaces and punctuation. Since appearing online in the late 2000s, the slang term has been used in memes, such as image macros, reaction images and a commonly seen one with Snape from Harry Potter reacting in a shocked manner.


The phrase "what the fuck," or "WTF," has been widely used both in real-life conversations and popular culture prior to its adaption into online slang and image macros. The phrase eventually spun off into its abridged forms "WTF" and "the fuck?" as first documented via Urban Dictionary[1] on March 3rd, 2003, and March 17th, 2004, respectively. The term has been notably featured in a LOLcat video known as "'the fuck was that' cat," uploaded by YouTuber[11] webinapage on November 26th, 2009 (shown below).

Meanwhile, the earliest known definition of the term "dafuq" can be found in an Urban Dictionary[2] entry submitted on January 4th, 2009, which explains the phrases as "like wtf, it's ebonics for what the fuck."


The alternate version of the phrase entered widespread usage in the following year when it was featured in a two-pane image macro using a still shot of the startled-looking Severus Snape (played by Alan Rickman) from the 2010 fantasy film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 (seen below).

dafuq quickmeme.com

One of the first viral instances of the dafuq reaction image emerged in November 2010, when the still shot of Snape was paired with a photoshopped version of another still shot from the same Harry Potter film. Throughout November and December that year, the image made its rounds across a number of internet humor sites including Memebase,[5] 9GAG[6] and FunnyJunk,[3] among others (example shown below).

dafuu fuckyeahalbuquerquetumblr.cO

In addition to usage of the Snape reaction image, the term "dafuq" has also become associated with odd or inexplicable images, as well as GIF animations and videos of startled-looking animals on Reddit[9] and Tumblr.[10] A single topic blog named Dafuq-Posts[7] was launched in October 2011, curating a wide array of images and videos relating to the category of WTF humor. The Facebook[8] fan page for the phrase was launched on December 11th, 2011, and gained more than 1,700 likes in the span of six months.

Dafuq Did I Just Read?

The popularity of the term "dafuq" has also led to a spin-off series of multi-pane vertical images featuring a Rage Comic character known as Dafuq Did I Just Read?, which is often used to illustrate the ridiculous nature of various forum and blog posts found on the web.

dafuq did i just read? t=2 oy b±(a-c) 4-ton(a) Dafuq did i just read. hecerilern memecenter co He "finished" on my face and ruined my new shirt!? da seks was very homy today and asked a gay thend so hook up he said ak so hp came ve machineand i sucked on his d--- and gave him head for a whle ater a whle i said ok i am done and stopped he was lke wat you gora finish i was contused becausetold him i was fnishedthen he said ican ether frish my mouth. so them he started touching Himelea and then some warm whit mouth or i said face with his penis i substance spuned out of his penig and t got all over y face and new phirt ttetally fared my s---!はthis nomal to happen? what was that stfr does ho han some kind of irfection7 what does fnish mean 77 Anport Abuse Best Answer-Chosen by Asker Tht white stuf was paracetame You normaly swalow K and makes all your headaches go away. But Eyou rb it inta your skin it works Like makesp remo Don't worry about your sit Juat give it t your mem and tell hee how the stain go there She thould be able to tek a clean P Aroon Abuse 4 pecple rada0ood Askors Rating: *s*s OMG, he "Inhed" on my face agan bt this time ‘ was oeady'4aealyoerno ed a of my makeupl thanksssss J)

Various Examples

I was browsing some photos from one of my friend's visits to the Vatican. And i found this DAFUQ! STALLONEO Svlvester Stallone the first time traveler! WeKnowMemes YAHOOl, ANSWERS Q Search HOME BROWSE CATEGORIES MY ACTIVITY ABOUT ak Ans What would you like to ask? Continue What are you looking for? Search Y! Answers If you were a girl, what would you do? If i was a girl, i would get pregnant as many times as possible, then have abortions after the third month of being pregnant so i would deliver a potato sized 1/3 developed Crusty Liondead fetus, then i would take the fetus, put it in a jar of preservative liquid and put it on a shelf in a secret room in my house, and i would do it until i had so many that the rooms walls were nothing but potato sized aborted fetuses, then i would have a kid and when they're bad i would make them sit in the fetus room 5 months ago (Tiebreaker) Report Abuse Sign in to Vote for the Best Answer dafu JB total! com gate Gravaçao do filme 3D Mutos fagras tos E de passar ustin what a beautiful girtever Se aquil Bieber Game Umjogo功para beiebers! Oh, my Bieberl Absolutamente tudo sobre o astro mais talentoso (e lindo) da másica It's a boy A BOYP! DAFUUUQ!


dafuq quickmeme.com

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