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Western Show

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“Western Show on Super Mario World” (Japanese: スーパーマリオでウエスタンショー), or simply known as “Western Show,” is a popular vocal remix song inspired by the Overworld Theme featured in Nitendo’s 1990 video game Super Mario World.[1] In between 2008 and 2009, this user-generated song rose to popularity on the Japanese video-sharing site Nico Nico Douga (NND) and spawned many fanart illustrations as well as hand-drawn animation videos.


The original remix of Super Mario World’s Overworld Theme was created by the famous NND user Hyadain who is also known as the Japanese composer Kenichi Maeyamada. The song was directly posted to NND on February 8th, 2008.[2]


The lyrics of “Western Show” illustrates a love triangle story between Mario and Bowser over Princess Peach, set to the uplifting Overworld Theme from Super Mario World and sung in three different voices.

First Verse & Interlude

Hey, Koopa, you’re such a stubborn fellow / Why don’t you give up on Peach? / Well, I regret to inform you that’s unacceptable. / I’m her destiny no doubt about it! / Won’t the two of you stop it? / Just look at the mirror… / Well, you don’t have to say such a thing… / Men compete with their heart!

Nice job / Ah, nice job / How are things lately? / Doing excellent, you know / The DS and Wii stuff is all sold out / Isn’t that nice? No time to slow down. / Oh, cut it out, Koopa. / Ah, second verse is starting.

Second Verse & Interlude

My sweetest Peach girl, I’m in love with you / If you can’t understand that, I’ll have to kidnap and seal you away again / I’ll steal you back risking my life / But I can’t steal your heart. / Cut it out, both of you / Are you listening to me at all? / The tsundere in you is also charming / And men compete with their heart!

I love you (x3) / love you a lot

Third Verse & Ending

Wait a minute! Aren’t you forgetting someone? / Luigi! Entering the stage! Thanks for waiting! / Wait? What? Excuse me? / KY! KY! Try to understand the atmosphere here / If you get carried away I’ll really kick the hell outta you! / One mushroom eater is enough for me / Quite insolent for a stand-in / By looks we’d only pass medium/low class / Well, men compete with their heart / Men compete with their heart / Men compete with their face

Ah, it’s finally over / I’m exhausted / So let’s get the night life rolling / Ah, sorry, I got….this and that for today / Ah, you fiend, next time won’t you introduce her to me / Wait, is the mic still on? / Is it? My bad!


In the following month of Hyadain’s upload, the video caught on with Super Mario video game fans, many of whom responded by reposting the song onto the site. However, “Western Show” reached a new height in popularity when a hand-drawn animation video set to the remix was posted on April 28th, 2008.[3] Both the original video on NND and the English-subbed version on YouTube have been watched over millions of times since being uploaded online.

The fan-made music video fad continued on NND[5] as well as YouTube[4] and Newgrounds[9], leading to several hundreds of derivative music videos centered around a variety of anime characters outside of Super Mario Bros franchise, including characters from Death Note and One Piece to Sonic the Hedgehog and Legend of Zelda among others. For more videos, check out the videos section in this entry.

Notable Examples


Fujoshi Fandom

Similar to other collaborative efforts of hand-drawn animation videos on NND, many Fujoshi[6], or female Otakus associated with Yaoi fandom, jumped in on the bandwagon and produced a notable collection of music videos depicting homoerotic relationships among various male video game characters. As of November 2011, there are about 300 Yaoi-influenced renditions of “Western Show” music videos hosted on Nico Nico Douga.[7]

Search Interest

As Google Insights graph suggests, search queries for the Japanese title “ウェスタンショー” began to increase since as early as March 2008 and English search queries for “Hyadain” and “Western Show” registered a visible spike following its spread onto YouTube in May 2008:

External References

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