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i know i’m going to get flak for this but…

when fan artists do it, its harmless fun and a what if. When the real thing happens with dhx, its looked at for being unoriginal because they’re the ones wielding the CANON/OFFICIAL stick. The bar raises over time after each season.

no one is ever going to be happy, so *itching over anything that the show does, should just be ignored and let them ride themselves out instead of making so many “STOP WHINING” pics. If anything, I’m tired of those.

Necro910:  That Krieger Dude
Necro910: That Krieger Dude

Usually, I see artistic interpretations of the M6 having at least one black among the group. If they decided to use human skincolor, a biiiiig chunk of the fandom would be complaining, since it’s impossible for EVERYONE’S headcanon to be there. So, odds are that MOST of the fandom will be at LEAST mildly annoyed, with the majority whining about X poni being Y color.


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