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Spec Ops: The Line

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Spec Ops has the miraculous ability to make you feel like a worthless piece of shit after something out of your control pretty much fucks up everything

Won’t reveal what for spoilers sake but I seriously curled up into a ball and was depressed for a good few days…


I’m not going say that this was perfect. I disagree with the whole ‘Why didn’t you just stop?’ part of the game because I didn’t spend 20 bucks to NOT play a game.

But Jesus Christ… I never played a game like it. It honest to God, profoundly changed the way I look at shooters and violence in gaming permanently. In the game, all violence is a terrible action, and all the people you kill were good men.

I once read an interview with the game’s creators. They mentioned that players are effectively preconditioned to trust the player character no matter what. No matter what Goodguy McHero says or does, he is always in the right, while his CO’s an idiot, and the badguys are badguys.

So what do you do when Goodguy McHero’s becomes late game Captain Walker?


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