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15 Mind-Opening Shower Thoughts To Help You Escape The Matrix

We've all been there — those moments of solitude in the shower when we're cut off from the constant distractions of modern life. Without our phones, computers or smart fridges to keep us entertained, we find ourselves turning inward and exploring the depths of our own minds. And before we know it, that introspection leads to beefy, existential questions that make us reconsider the world around us. And who knows, maybe with enough introspection, we'll even find a way to break free from the Matrix!

Luckily the subreddit /r/ShowerThoughts exists to collect all of these epiphanies and we've made a list of our favorites below. so next time you hop into the shower just remember to be careful, because as we all know, the shower can also be a slippery slope towards dangerous territory, like singing off-key or accidentally using soap as shampoo.

The real gauge of friendship

↑ Posted by u/teapotmonkey 17 days ago 49.6k The real gauge of friendship is how clean your house needs to be before they can come over.

Real real friends even clean up for you sometimes

Polka dot shirts imagined

4 r/Showerthoughts. Posted u/HappyFamily0131 12 days ago S 44.1k A polka dot shirt is a striped shirt but instead of running horizontally or vertically they run in the third dimension. D

The tiring commute of Scottish wizards to Hogwarts

4 30.8k r/Showerthoughts. Posted u/kRe4ture 7 days ago It must really suck for young wizards from Scotland to have to travel to London and then back to Hogwarts, located in Scotland CI

That's one way to think about weight loss!

4 28.6k r/Showerthoughts Posted by u/Lordthom 10 days ago We are annoyed by how few calories we burn when having exercised but it is actually very impressive of our bodies that it uses up a very little amount of energy

You'd think they put on a spoiler alert

4 27.5k r/Showerthoughts. Posted u/ScootScootCominThru 25 days ago Anytime an allergy is mentioned in a movie that person usually gets killed or poisoned with it

Every single time!

Blankets' turning point

4 26.9k r/Showerthoughts. Posted u/sirlukewatson6 27 days ago There's a certain turning point where weighted blankets go from helping with anxiety to giving anxiety D

What does the human brain want? Nobody knows.

26.3k r/Showerthoughts Posted by u/highandsclerotic 8 days ago For an organ that evolved to keep us safe from danger, the brain really likes activities that are dangerous. (e.g. doing drugs, driving fast, etc.

One could even say that the human brain is kind of self destructive.

Human evolution at its finest

4 20.3k r/Showerthoughts. Posted u/SirNightmate 20 days ago We had the pocket watch, and then invented the wrist watch. Then we moved back to smart pocket watches, and then invented the smart wrist watch. CI

Door knocking manners

4 16.8k r/Showerthoughts. Posted by u/frogKing_ 1 month ago You don't have to raise your hand when knocking on the door. D

The turning point age

↑ 16.2k r/Showerthoughts Posted by u/mizfluffyunicorn 4 days ago Mid to late twenties is a weird age where you can still pass as a teenager but you can feel your body is falling apart with each passing day. D

Never a good sign to have a 5-star rating

4 15.3k r/Showerthoughts. Posted u/i-am-froot 20 days ago A 4.7 star rating on a product looks much better than a 5 star rating. CI

No way people can agree on anything these days

Moderately attractive people rizz

4 r/Showerthoughts. Posted u/Tap-in-Bogey 20 days ago 13.8k Moderately attractive people likely get hit on more than extremely attractive people do. CI

The hall-of-fame forbidden food: toothpaste

4 14.3k r/Showerthoughts Posted by u/mxosborn 21 days ago Toothpaste is supposed to taste not so awful that people avoid to brush their teeth and not so appetizing that people eat it. D

Highway driving

4 14.6k r/Showerthoughts. Posted u/KifDawg 14 days ago Driving at highway speeds and only being a couple of feet away from an oncoming car in the other lane is weirdly normalized. D

Knocking manners

Posted by u/PhillipusII 23 days ago 10.3k You can knock twice, thrice, four and even five times, but if you knock exactly once it's considered weird.

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