Two terrible haircuts in the following collection.

20 Bizarre Haircuts From The Dark Side Of The Barbershop

These haircuts were clearly mistakes, but someone made them happen anyways. Now, we all have to suffer the consequences. Fortunately, we're not the ones who actually got these done to our very own heads, but even though we can laugh at them from afar, we can't help but feel a little bit bad for them. The truth is, these haircuts should be refunded immediately, but the psychological trauma they've left behind can never be undone.

If you're considering getting a new haircut, these images may sway you away from it. It's not like we can all avoid them, but after seeing what these barbers did, you'll be feeling a lot less hesitant to see one, because some barber out there thought these haircuts were acceptable or even impressive, and whether it was a mistake on their part that they didn't correct or a very specific bad idea the customer insisted on, it's still not a good look. Here are some of the wildest images of bad haircuts caught in the wild.



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Send Him Back

Shout out to my Cousin, got his barber license in jail and opened his own barber shop when he got out out 100 100 100 rns 200 joc P @silkyjoc He need to go back to jail.

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Andrew Tate

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Andrew Tate's looks match his personality now.

Extra on Community

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Dee? Is That You?

OB D Falling down stupid drunk, getting in fights,

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Apparently, this isn't from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but I'm not convinced.

Least Favorite Transformation

5,635 likes North Caroline Follow This haircut for of my favorite transformations I've done think? B > may forever be one What do y'all

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Hand Cut


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What was he aiming for here, exactly?

Ultra Karen

Ultra Karen, Summoner of District Managers PACK OF DOGS TERRORIZING GRADY CO. FAMILY N DKL 6:04 + 5.6k 138 ALCOM Share

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Karen haircuts can be pretty bad, but this is one of the worst.

Dollar Bill Look

0.39 Chris Frank Apr 25 at 7:46 PM 0 She look like George 2 Washington Do III 1 Comment

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Nice Scarf

Different @trayglockk I'm Not Like Your BoyfriendX, I Know How To DRESS Big Tape @ThisTape You look like a bisexual squirrel

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The Hit-n-Run Perm

Virginia Delegate charged with hit-and-run

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Mugshot of a Woman Accused of Trying to Smother a Child

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Norwegian Fitness Influencer

ره ------

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Why the Long Face?

Po about to get a haircut wish me luck

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All Eyes on Me


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Hairline King

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Gimme That McPoyle Look


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Looking Like that Photo of a Cat with Half a Watermelon on Its Head

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This Guy in a Workplace Sexual Harassment Training Video


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Yeah, he looks like the kind of guy to land that role.

Pew Pew

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