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20 Memes Of Pure Childhood

They are the building blocks of the future. They are the ones that will keep the world going. With new ideas and change that will be powered by them, the children of the world are so important. But let's face it, they are dumb. Kids do some really stupid things, and you can't really blame them, they don't know any better at such a young age. For the most part, you can't really make too much fun of them either. We were all kids once, probably doing a lot of the same if not more stupid things than these kids.

Regardless, it's funny to see them commit minor crimes against humanity and terrorize the world while it's still kind of cute. Some kids are worse than others, and all my sympathy goes to the parents of the children who seem to come into the world just to make it worse. Those parents have it tough. Particularly good or particularly bad, raising children is no easy task, but it is one that needs to be highly respected. Here are just 20 moments of pure childhood stupidity. A small amount of what is really out there.

Just a Little

PS5 in for HDMI replacement. Kid said "I pushed the cable in a little too hard".

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Killing it

Paul Palmeri @ThisPaul Me: It's time to get dressed for school 3 year old: Ok I just have to do something first. The Something: 1:05 PM 15 Mar 23. 114K Views

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Tire Check

Walk around your vehicle before you leave! Take Note Rod Taverner I think that this one should be shared as much as possible

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Snack Time


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What Do You Expect?

I interrupt my Twitter break to tell you that Abigail started crying because her gift got wet. The gift: INTEX INTEX B±86 cm x 25 cm (34" x 10") TUMBLER

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Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how awesome my niece is at hiding

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Tattle Form

Tattle Form Name: Alina What Happened: CJ said my book farded Have you talked to them? Yes No

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Easy Mac Gone Wrong

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Reality TV

South China Morning Post 2 hours ago Subscribe A seven-year-old girl has shocked internet users by throwing a four-year-old boy into a well, saying she was mimicking what she saw on a TV drama. #china #chinasociety #trendinginchina #scmpnews #scmp 'Bad to the bone': girl who threw boy into well says she saw it on TV CHINA SOCIETY

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Better Version

Also we could play spin the bottle with a water bottle or something We'll see..and what do you think 6:43 PM spin the bottle is? U spin the bottle and then u grab the gel blaster and shoot at ur friends when they try to run 0° 6:39 PM + 6:43 PM : 흥

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Good Taste


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International Women's Day * DAD * A * ☆ * * DRAW SOMEONE THAT INSPIRES YOU! LUCP ☆ 4 **

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Poor Turtles

Sint-Niklaas region Yannick Joos Schildpadjes nie aanraken! Child takes 20 turtles from aquarium in pond shop, at least 5 animals do not survive

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If I were an inventor, like George Washington Carver, I would invent: a mushen that Could mice me Coffee 2327 Have you heard of a Keurig!

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Just Turn it

Ⓒ SA 2 €119

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Not Wrong

Main Idea and Details your Scholastic News to fill in the boxes. What is the whole article about? Owhat it's like to be a medic different jobs veterans have in the armed forces oH1090 O places veterans travel What is the section "Medics" about? Meldics What is the section "Mechanics" about? Mechanics What is the section "Divers" about? Divers What is the section "Firefighters" about? Firefighters Visit EELARMY ok...

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Oh Good

Wednesday 12 June fe

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With a Twist

goomyspace western brain. 6h today a kid asked to play tic tac toe with me and i was like "yeah sure" and he then proceeded to draw this

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