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What Does '7/11 Or 9/11 Brown' Mean? The Offensive Viral Joke Explained

A screenshot of a TikTok video where a girl claims she was asked whether she was 7/11 or 9/11 brown has been going viral on Reddit recently and it's got some people confused. What does it mean to be 7/11 or 9/11 brown and what's so funny about the joke? Here's what you need to know.

68.4K someone just asked me if i was 7/11 or 9/11 brown 2371

What Is The '7/11 or 9/11 Brown' Joke?

The "7/11 or 9/11 brown" joke first started going around on TikTok in late 2021, although its origins could date back further. The joke refers to skin color and plays off the stereotype that people of South Asian descent might be found working in convenience stores like 7-Eleven and people of Middle Eastern descent are more likely to be terrorists, making a direct reference to the September 11th attacks.

So, to break it down, if you're "7/11 brown," you're of South Asian descent, whereas if you're 9/11 brown, you're Middle Eastern. The joke is inherently and purposefully racist and offensive and understandably incites mixed reactions when it pops up online, although many people of both Middle Eastern and South Asian descent have reacted to and shared it in a lighthearted way.

@miss.mango.1 it’s a good joke…it’s a great joke even #foryoupage #fyp #desi ♬ The woman was too stunned to speak – dominik

How Is "7/11 or 9/11 Brown" Used In Memes?

Since 2021, the joke has consistently become the subject of memes online. Mostly, it's used on TikTok in videos where a person, usually of Middle Eastern or South Asian descent, shares the joke and a reaction to it. Sometimes they claim that people have asked them if they're 7/11 or 9/11 brown, with some even claiming they've been asked the question on dates!

The joke has made its way around social media, recently hitting Reddit as an image macro that's puzzled enough people to end up on /r/PeterExplainstheJoke twice. Some have even referenced the joke during stand-up shows, including comedian Akaash Singh, who was asked the question on stage and riffed on it in a clip that's gained over 12 million views on TikTok.

@akaashsinghcomedy 7/11 or 9/11? #comedyindia #akaashsingh ♬ original sound – Akaash Singh

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For the full history of the "7/11 or 9/11 brown" joke, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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