Sophie Rain Spider-man Video explained

What Is The 'Sophie Rain Spiderman Video' And Is It Real? The Viral Video Leak Explained

Rumors of a spicy leaked "Spiderman video" between sister influencers Sophie Rain and Sierra Rain are going viral across social media. The video, which purportedly features the creators in Spider-Man costumes, is being touted as hard to find by many, leading some to believe it might not even exist. So what's the deal? Here's what you need to know.

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What Is The 'Sophie Rain Spiderman Video?'

Back in September 2023, influencer and spicy model Sierra Rain made two posts to her OF account sharing photos of herself and her sister, Sophie, sitting together on a bed in Spider-Man outfits. The post promises a video between the two, which would potentially be illegal considering their blood relations, giving big Island Boys kissing vibes.

Regardless, the purported video flew under the radar until about February 2024, when Sophie Rain started alluding to it in her TikTok videos. That month, she posted a video captioned, "How it feels knowing I will never be able to delete the Spiderman video off the internet" that gained a whopping 10 million views.


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Is The 'Sophie Rain Spiderman Video' Real?

From there, the video only continued to spread as other TikTokers, Redditor and X users began sharing a screenshot from the purported video, promising to give interested viewers a link. Many of these posts link to a Discord page called "xleaks," while others lead to different sites claiming to have the video.

In fact, many are commenting that they're unable to find the supposedly leaked video, suggesting it has not gained significant viral spread online, if it even has been leaked or exists at all. While the September OF posts suggest it exists, there is no solid, easily found proof of this. It's more likely that the posts advertising it are mostly scams and engagement bait, meaning you should be careful before you click any of those links.


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For the full history of the Sophie Rain "Spiderman Video," be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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