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Who Is Reply Guy 'Xavier?' Pakalu Papito's Copycat, Explained

The specter of a nondescript-looking Indian man sporting an impressive mustache despite his somber expression has been recognized as Pakalu Papito by internet users since the year 2015. But in recent years, the chronic poster has fallen off and out of public view, his last tweet being obfuscated by an unexpected suspension over the summer of 2018.

But Papito's face has made a comeback under the guise of a different poster, one who goes by the name "Xavier," and has turned Pakalu's Reply Guy tendencies into its own meme art form. Here is the Xavier meme, a.k.a the Pakalu Papito copy-cat, explained.


Where Does Xavier, a.k.a Pakalu Papito, Come From?

While Pakalu Papito's posting history has been well documented on KYM and elsewhere, the origins of copycat poster Xavier are more mysterious. The Twitter page "Xavier Uncle Lite" boasts over 90,000 followers, with his earliest tweet being posted over the COVID summer, in Hindi no less. His profile picture appears to be Papito if he were to put on several pounds. Xavier isn't the first Papito copycat by any means; a Twitter account by the handle "@pakalupapitow" has been raking in the likes even as our OG found himself suspended.

le kaam s @gmail.c tagram ber 2015 91.3K Fo by Shibhhuu, Ch Tweets & replies Cula Following Likes ! Xavier Uncle @xavierunclelite Pass hona tha isliye jaane diya, Top karna hota to padh lete. Translate Tweet 3:08 PM . May 4, 2020 !

Who Is Xavier?

Xavier variants, unlike Papito and his copycats, appear to be the first actual Indians to take on Pakalu Papito's face and gimmick. They routinely post in Hindi and engage with Indian trends and topics, as shown on several novelty Instagram accounts. The identity of Xavier is unknown, but various sources narrow down Pakalu's identity to a man in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Others, however, deem his character to be entirely made up, and perhaps even racist, given that Papito talks in broken English about being an I.T. professional, being a gas station clerk, and owning several camels, all of which sound like a 10-year-old's idea of a "funny" joke.

pakalu papito @pakalupapito Following hello twiter i am single わt ★ ..。 RETWEETS FAVORITES 16,672 5,957 12:47 AM-12 Jul 2013 pakalu papito @pakalupapito Following how to brake up: u: ur ex is sexy them: which one? u: me bye lol RETWEETS FAVORITES 17,891 22,513画Ni EIA 8:26 PM -26 Sep 2014

What Are Xavier Memes?

Xavier memes follow a simple format, with an image or topic being laid above a dumb comment by an account named Xavier. However, the most popular Xavier Twitter page and Xavier Instagram page are not run by the same people, with the biggest Xavier meme page claiming both Papito and Xavier by saying, "You know you I'm." The memes aren't as witty as they are /r/ComedyCemetery material. The funniest part of the whole Xavier-Papito fiasco is that people seem to have noticed Xavier trying to take over Papito's name, face, and style — and they hate it.

My boss in real life How I see him XAVIER MEME GOD Xavier MEME GOD I shared this meme on my timeline and I am jobless now.. Like Reply Message Home is not a place, it's a person.. XAVIER MEME GOD Xavier Are you calling me homeless? 1hr Like Reply 59 Best hospital in the world Xavier XAVIER MEME GOD I really recommend this hospital, a dude went in dead and came out alive. XAVIER MEME GOD Xavier Khan When the examiner have a personal issue with you.. When he rejects you but you love him madly DEARCHUSH XAVIER MEME GOD Xavier If this was reverse - that man would have been in the jail Charu Pragya Are you a dog person or a cat person? Xavier I'm a sad person. Parul PG For Girls xavier MEME GOD (Three time males Breakfast Lunch, Dinner) Do not skip English classes

There is also a whole subreddit dedicated to people that hate Xavier and love the original Pakalu Papito, and it's aptly called "/r/fuckxavier."

When I figured out Pakalu Papito was being replaced by a mere xavier made with mematic Me trying to figure out which of the Pakalu papito accounts is real:

For the full history of Pakalu Papito a.k.a Xavier, be sure to check out our entry on him here for even more information.

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