YourFellowArab Haiti Kidnapping depicting an image from his last post.

YourFellowArab Haiti Kidnapping

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YourFellowArab Haiti Kidnapping refers to YouTuber and streamer Addison Pierre Maalouf's (YourFellowArab) March 2024 kidnapping by the Haitian gang 400 Mawozo, led by Lanmò 100 jou, during the Haitian gang takeover. The social media personality is reportedly being held for a ransom of $600,000, with Haitian news outlets reporting that $40,000 of the sum has already been paid. The news was confirmed by Maalouf's associate Lalem on X / Twitter in late March, with internet users criticizing Maaloud for traveling to Haiti during a tumultuous time, and others like English explorer and YouTuber Lord Miles expressing their well wishes for his safe return.


On March 10th, 2024, travel YouTuber and streamer made a post on X[1] about how he is "Going on another one of those trips 🤫," adding, "If I die, thanks for watching what I’ve put out. If I live, all glory to God." Many in his replies speculated that he might be going to either Gaza or Haiti. The vlogger stopped tweeting on March 12th, with disparate news of his kidnapping spreading on X on March 27th.[4]

On March 28th, a Haitian news website reported[2] that Maalouf was kidnapped by a Haitian gang on March 14th on his way back from Cap-Haïtien. Maalouf was reportedly in Haiti to interview gang member Jimmy Chérizier, also known as "Barbecue," a figure often implicated in the Haiti cannibalism hoax. Maalouf was reportedly kidnapped by Lanmò 100 jou of the 400 Mawozo gang, who originally asked for $600,000 in ransom, but have since dropped down to a five-figure number.

Also on March 28th, 2024, Maalouf's friend made a post on X[3] confirming the news of his kidnapping and promising that they are "working on getting him out." The post gathered over 11,000 likes in a day (seen below).

Lalem @Lalem Tried keeping it private for 2 weeks, but it's getting out everywhere now, Yes Arab has been kidnapped in Haiti and we're working on getting him out. Love yall he'll be out soon 10:12 PM · Mar 28, 2024 1.3M Views •


On March 28th, 2024, X[5] user @VFXmasih posted a video of Maalouf supposedly recorded in Haiti, writing, "this is the last footage arab uploaded for me before he got kidnapped," gathering over 3,000 likes in a day. The post was quoted by Lalem[6] encouraging people not to text Maalouf and possibly endanger his life, gathering over 4,000 likes in a day (seen below).

On March 29th, Lord Miles posted a thread on X[7] about Maalouf's kidnapping, detailing the events that led up to him taken in by the 400 Mawozo gang. The post gathered over 6,000 likes in a day (seen below).

Lord Miles @real_lord_miles Mar 29, 2024 The famous Youtuber @YourFellowArab has been kidnapped in Haiti by the natorious 400 Mawozo gang 24 hours after entering the country. I have spoken to Arab through the kidnappers phone. This is what we know Hey man. This is Arabs brother 20:45 Hey man, he is okay? 22:41 / He is not 22:41 He is kidnapped in Haiti 133 375 22:41 6.6K Voice call 16 min 22:41 00 Ill 1.6M Lord Miles @real_lord_miles. Mar 29, 2024 Arab went in with Sean Roubens Jean Sacra, a fixer in Haiti, who Arab met up in the Dominican Republic. Sean has also been kidnapped. Sean was the fixer for the excellent Youtuber @ChrisMustList and many others. Arab entered the country 10 days ago to film the riots Q7 179 566 132K ↑ Lord Miles @real_lord_miles Mar 29, 2024 24h they were both kidnapped. less than 2 days later I heard from Arab as he was permitted to talk to his friends through the kidnappers phones. The ransom was $600k, then it went down to $300k, then it went down further to 5 figs Arab last seen at 03:31 you heading to the capital? 23:18 / I'm probably interviewing the leader 23:19 Mhm 23:19 barbaque? 23:19 / If I don't get kidnapped before then 23:19 t3 11 640 125K Lord Miles @real_lord_miles. Mar 29, 2024 The US gov and state department is very hands off on helping, even though Arab is a US citizen. Arab has been kept in a cage in a place on the eastern outskirts of the Capital, Port-au-Prince. His location is known 8 12 10 638 122K Lord Miles @real_lord_miles Mar 29, 2024 There was an attempt to pay the ransom but it went wrong and, truthfully, everyone was out of their depth to help Arab. An exchange went bad / done incorrectly and Arab was not released. Arab is still in excellent spirits 3 274 O 502 113K Lord Miles @real_lord_miles Mar 29, 2024 Arab has stated that despite the harships, he's going to come out with a great video after this and he should be out in no time. Sean was actually offered to be let go but he's a great guy and doesn't want to leave Arab on his own, so he has decided to stay 1310 671 111K Lord Miles @real_lord_miles. Mar 29, 2024 Many travel youtubers knew of his situation and we were told to keep it secret, which we will did. There was a anon group chat discussing Arab's kidnapping and potentially leaking the info. I heard about this and put out a warning to them saying not to do it 1 +24 461 ılı 103K Lord Miles @real_lord_miles 9h Regardless, someone outside of us Youtubers leaked it to the Haitian news a few days ago by their name, not stating them as Youtubers. Now that the info is out, we might as well get the facts straight. I have already seen some rumors out there 2 273 419 ill 98K Lord Miles @real_lord_miles . 9h If it is not coming from my mouth, @ChrisMustList's mouth, @Tommygreturns2's or Arab's own social media, controlled by his family, do not trust the information. We will give updates when we can and will help any way we can. ○ 2 179 417 ill 92K Lord Miles @real_lord_miles . 9h Do not start a GoFundMe or donate to one, there are a lot of scams out there and nobody who isn't aware of whats going on should try to raise and deliver randsom money. ○ 2 176 Lord Miles @real_lord_miles 9h 452 88K ... All we can do is pray for Arab and Sean, may Christ look after them. I am talking steps to help Arab get out, I know the grim reality of what could go wrong in Haiti. I have volunteered to go in to do the exchange with 3 mercs, there is other help that has volunteered itself. ☐ 6 Lord Miles @real_lord_miles 179 551 101K Some of Arabs friends have privately, and now publicly, said some negative things about him going to Haiti. I don't appreciate this one bit. I'm nowhere close to Arab but he was trying to bring good content about a collapsing part of the world. He does not need this right now 1:41 AM · Mar 29, 2024 98K Views

The story of YourFellowArab's kidnapping in Haiti was reported on in the media in late March 2024 as the news continued to spread, such as outlets like the New York Post and Daily Mail (shown below, left and right).

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