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John Peelposting

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John Peelposting refers to the practice of responding to a tweet that features a bizarre collection of words in the voice of British radio presenter and former BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel telling listeners they had just heard a song by a band whose name is comprised of those bizarre words, typically using the phrasal template "And That Was X" alongside the reaction image of Peel sitting at a mixing table. It is also commonly used under tweets by the British Twitter account Fesshole as a way to poke fun at the anonymous confessions the account has tweeted.


While it's unclear when exactly John Peelposting started, it appears to have originated on Twitter in either late 2019 or early 2020. On January 28th, 2020, Twitter user twlldun noted "The hipsters are all into the John Peel session band name meme now." Twitter user RobDotHutton[1] replied with an example of the meme in practice (shown below).

BEVACT d @twlldun Jan 28, 2020 It's gone downhill since @mocento started doing it all the time - the hipsters are all into the John Peel session band name meme now 22 2 Robert Hutton @RobDotHutton 25 Replying to @twlldun and @mocento "That was John Peel Session Band Name Meme, playing It's All Gone Downhill - in session, funnily enough. Now, The Fall." 10:28 AM Jan 28, 2020 ... ...


Over the following years, the image of John Peel became a common sight among U.K. Twitter posters, as it was commonly used to respond to tweets with odd words in them. For example, on August 29th, 2022, Twitter user @youwouldknow[2] used the meme in response to a tweet about French pilots getting into a cockpit fistfight (shown below, left). On October 21st, Twitter user @miserablepig[3] then posted it in response to a tweet by LAD Bible (shown below, right).

Gwdihŵ @youwouldknow "And that was Two Air France with their latest hit Cockpit Fistfight." **** L13 14 15 161-10 DOD NEWS 117779 BBC News (World) @BBCWorldAug 29, 2022 Two Air France pilots suspended after cockpit fistfight 7:29 AM - Aug 29, 2022 WWW FUNG : Stu @miserablepig Replying to @ladbible And that was indie band "Lad Bible", with their latest hit "Clickbait". 151 161-10 9:32 PM Oct 21, 2022 B Baker L H

The meme was particularly prevalent underneath tweets from Fesshole, an account that posts anonymous confessions on Twitter. Under nearly every Fesshole tweet in early 2023, a user would spin the confession into a John Peel meme (example shown below, left). On March 29th, 2023, Fesshole posted some of the complaints they'd received from users that were tired of the John Peel memes, though many continued to do so[4] (shown below, right).

Fesshole @fesshole 19h FESS HOLE My husband has lost a lot of weight recently, when we have sex our hips bash together and it's so painful I've started buying more unhealthy snacks, cooking with oil, buying white bread and full fat milk and cheese. I feel bad but fat sex was so much better t 106 159 David @David Penn3 KLISLISLII Replying to @fesshole And that was The Fatback Band with 'Do The Boogie Woogie'. ARE 4,896 5:30 PM - Mar 29, 2023 ... FESS Fesshole HOLE @fesshole Just thought you might be interested to see the amount of complaints that have come in about the John Peel replies. And this is only about half of them coz can't be arsed to paste in all the ones that get sent to @anon_opin 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 : 67 I despise the John Peel memes under every fess, because I can hear the chortle of every sad, posturing, stale middle-aged man congratulating himself on his wit and 2/24/2023 13:49 superior music taste as he hits 'enter'. You no longer rule the world, let it go! Stop dragging us down with you. My favourite thing to do is block everyone in the Fesshole comments who posts the John Peel meme. Sometimes I block everyone who liked the meme as well. Looking 2/27/2023 19:43 forward to this getting published so I can block all the smart arses in the comments 3/1/2023 13:28:01 block literally every John Peel and dog meme I see - they're painfully repetitive. Saving my new massive dildo to celebrate when I see a fess free of them. hi i hate the john peel pictures on confession hole so much i think they should be banned for ever and it is getting me down seeing them all of the time today it made me cry i 3/3/2023 11:41:1 am sorry but i can not help it thanks 3/5/2023 17:19:01 am so fucking sick of that John Peel meme that I block anyone who I see using it now. 3/6/2023 13:44:3 I've only just realised who John Peel is. 3/7/2023 17:03:21 block everyone who replies with that John Peel "joke", it's not funny and he's a nonce. I would happily kick to death every single witless prick who does the not-even-funny the-first-time John Peel 'joke' after every single fucking confession. Arseholes the lot. 3/8/2023 10:09:2 Fuck off. 3/10/2023 15:26 I was the first person to reply to a fess with the John Peel meme. You're welcome. 3/10/2023 19:02 I take great pleasure in instantly blocking all the unfunny John Peel meme responses to fesses. Ecstasy is a zero-cunt clean sheet in the replies. I love fesshole, especially the comments. But I'm actually addicted to blocking anyone who posts a John Peel, dog on the internet or fruit corner meme, and that limerick 3/13/2023 0:30:2 bloke. Blocked 100's just can't let it pass. 3/20/2023 11:09 I block everyone that posts a John Peel meme I love to use the block button on Twitter for anyone who shares that same tired old John Peel meme under fesses. That was Block Button with their classic hit Get Some 3/22/2023 18:48 New Patter Ye Shitebags. 8:52 AM. Mar 29, 2023 I have fond memories of listening to John Peel whilst doing my homework, and recall the sadness of listening to Teenage Kicks after his death was announced. However, 3/15/2023 0:45:5 post a John Peel meme and it'll get you an instant block, not for besmirching his memory but for being boring.

Various Examples

Fesshole @fesshole. Mar 28 FESS HOLE Married with wife and 2 kids. Wife has a male personal trainer who she has started having coffee with after their lessons. Not normally an issue apart from we don't give any time to each other so now it's worrying me. If I raise it I will look insecure about us. 738 Jeff Benales @JeffBenales t 157 2:29 PM Mar 28, 2023 4,620 Replying to @fesshole That was 'Lick the foam off my cappuccino' from the album Behind My Back ... anon_opin @anon_opin Mar 21 ANON OPIN Anybody posting that John Peel / mixing desk picture should have all their social media accounts removed instantly. 141 Keith Francis @keithfrancisuk ALALA Li 43 4:56 PM. Mar 21, 2023 Replying to @anon_opin Ok, that's 'I'll bite', by John Peel and the Memes, many more to follow! 1,092 201 ↑ Fesshole @fesshole Mar 28 FESS HOLE Dad was an electrician by trade and did all our wiring. After he died the lights started flickering. I asked an electrician friend to look at it. He spent 6 hours looking around and said it was a death trap and the worst wiring he'd ever seen. Cost £100 to fix. Haven't told mum. 366 Where The Tweets Have No Name @XLRMotorsport 1 303 Replying to @fesshole And that was 'Watts Up' by 4 Non Bonds. -ARE 9:59 AM Mar 28, 2023 20.5K ←] ... Fesshole @fesshole Mar 27 FESS HOLE Over the years my life with my girlfriend has become so routine and dull that I've taken to secretly bumping cocaine on date nights just so I'm up for a chat. 204 Will @lfc_arrow 525 -pee t 105 Replying to @fesshole And that was 'Kiss from a Nose' the hit single from 'Snow Problem' 12:35 PM. Mar 27, 2023 5,294 ↑ FESS HOLE Fesshole @fesshole Mar 27 I once catfished a guy - he behaved like a douche in game - from a game I played online showed up at the coffee shop and after he waited 30 min he came to talk to me. We got on and now we have been married 10 years. 169 t 55 3,682 Jeff Benales @JeffBenales Replying to @fesshole Time for an oldie, here's 'Happily Ever After' by Bait and Switch 9:28 AM - Mar 27, 2023 Jeff Benales @Jeff Benales Replying to @fesshole The charming, tender 'Sex Toy' by No cunning linguist 204 7:27 AM. Mar 27, 2023

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