Computer Reaction Faces

Computer Reaction Faces

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Computer Reaction Faces are reaction face images used to express the emotions of someone sitting in front of a computer screen, which often take the form of comic illustrations and animated GIFs.


The first computer reaction face instance is currently unknown. The Long Neck Reaction Guy image (shown below) is rumored to have originated in the /v/ (video games) board on 4chan in 2009, where it would be used in reaction to threads involving disturbing video games like Katawa Shoujo, a dating game in which the player romances a women with crippling disfigurations.


On March 28th, 2010, a thread was created in the /a/ (Anime & Manga) board on 4chan,[1] in which a template image featuring a computer monitor sitting at an empty desk was provided for other users to create their own computer reaction images (shown below). Prior to being archived, the thread received over 200 responses.

Computer Guy

On April 5th, 2011, Redditor _hellojello submitted a post to the /r/funny[2] subreddit titled "The awkward moment when you spell a common word correctly, but it just looks so wrong so you stare at it forever," which featured an illustration of a man sitting at a computer with his hands on his face (shown below, left). Prior to being archived, the post received over 995 up votes and 100 comments. On October 17th, Redditor Bmxing85 submitted a post titled "I knew it… This is how I always saw computer computer guy,"[3] featuring a comic illustrating the computer guy's arms as a large Fu Manchu mustache (shown below, right).

I'm late for work... κ³ μš”


On June 26th, 2011, Redditor thexnotoriousxlmg submitted a post to the /r/funny[4] subreddit titled "NSFW You Say," which featured a four-pane vertical comic of a man sitting at a computer with an erection wearing a smiley face (shown below). Redditor Tasteless_Gif replied to the post with an animated GIF version of the comic, which became the top-voted comment with 61 points. Prior to being archived, the post received over 1,840 up votes and 30 comments.

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