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2 Guys 1 Fish

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2 Guys 1 Fish
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2 Guys 1 Fish
This entry contains content that may be considered sensitive to some viewers.


2 Guys 1 Fish is a viral video featuring two men standing in a lake who lure a large carp to perform oral sex which began circulating on the Internet in May 2014. While initially reported as Romanian in origin, some have speculated that the video was actually shot in Chile.


On May 3rd, 2014, Redditor Supashibe submitted a YouTube video featuring a man receiving oral sex from a fish to the /r/WTF[8] subreddit. The video was subsequently deleted.

Notable Developments


On December 19th, the Daily Star[3] reported that the Facebook user who originally uploaded the video claimed that the man receiving oral sex was the 27-year-old gypsy singer Florin Rada. Rada denied the claims and revealed that he threatened Romanian television that he would sue if they identified him as the man in the video.

News Media Coverage

On December 20th, The Metro[1] published an article titled "Bizarre video of man having sex with fish goes viral," which reported that the video clip had circulated "hundreds of thousands of times." In the coming days, several news sites published articles about the video, including UpRoxx,[4] The Daily Dot,[5] Gawker[6] and Pulse.[7]

Online Reaction

Also on December 20th, the new site Metro posted an article about the video to their Facebook[2] page, where it gained over 500 likes and 390 shares in the first 72 hours. On December 22nd, Redditor mikerylander submitted the video to the /r/nsfw_wtf[9] subreddit.

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Tags: viral video, nsfw,

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