Leaked Senkaku Video / sengoku38

Leaked Senkaku Video / sengoku38

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Leaked Senkaku videos are came from the whistleblowing incident happened amid 2010 Senkaku boat collision incident (Japanese: 尖閣諸島漁船衝突事件) that also caused Hinomoto Oniko phenomenon. In Japan, this political/social affair was best remembered for sengoku38, a username of the whistle-blower on YouTube.

The videos leaked by him caused the big sensation in Japan, and, especially on the internet, He and those videos were also featured in indiscreet parodies and MADs Videos immediately.


In the evening in November 4th 2010, the videos appeared on YouTube. In these 6 videos divided from original 44-minute video, these 2 videos recording the moments that a Chinese fishing boat collided to two Japanese ships got the most attention.

Later, Japanese government officially acknowledged that these videos were originally taken by the Japanese coast guard and recorded all the little details about China fishing boat collision boat accident happened in September 7th, 2010.


These videos soon became the headlines over the Japanese internet by social media such as Twitter. Though the original videos were deleted by sengoku38 himself in the next morning, these were soon reproduced continuously by many internet users, its spreading momentum was already unstoppable.

Meanwhile, on Nico Nico Douga (NND), a video sharing service in Japan, these leaked videos were also reproduced and reached a large audience. Then, several childish NND users who didn't care about --or couldn't understand-- its serious political background of the original incident and were impressed only by these videos' superficial epicness became setting these videos to the subject of parodies that they enjoyed as usual.[1]

By those illiterate people, over 270 MAD/parody videos reusing these leaked videos were posted to there in its first week[2], and some of them were also uploaded to YouTube.

In addition, sengoku38 himself also got popularity among conservative people and media that had critical attitude against Japanese democratic government. Because it was said that his username "sengoku" had ironic overtones to Yoshito Sengoku[3] who was the chief cabinet secretary at that time and was famous for his extreme pro-China stance, the parodies of sengoku38 usually attacked Mr. Sengoku with much satire.

These silly parodies had never been reported by any quality paper. But several online gossip news sites J-cast News[4], Daily Terrafor[5] and web R25[6] covered this fad on the internet in their reports.

As to the online popularity of sengoku38, Wall Street Journal reported it in English.[7]

Notable Examples

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Hardcore Techno Mix[8]

X Sliding In[9]

Kirby's Gourmet Race Remixes[10]


Bad Apple!![12]


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External References

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