Listenbourg meme example pointing to a fictional map of Europe with the country added on top of spain and portugal.


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Listenbourg is a fictional European country bordering Portugal and Spain created by Twitter user @gaspardooo in October 2022. The country's name was coined in a now-viral post that the user made on October 30th of that year, sharing a map with a new country photoshopped on it, inspiring memes and discussions about the fictional country over the following days, with some trying to claim it's real.


On October 30th, 2022, French Twitter[1] user @gaspardooo posted a photoshopped map showing a new country added to the borders of Spain and Portugal. In the post, the user writes what translates to, "I'm sure Americans don't even know the name of this country ptdrrr." The post garnered over 84,000 likes and 6,900 retweets in two days (shown below). A minute after the post was made, Twitter[2] user @EwenSgr commented what translates to, "Who does not know listenbourg ???" garnering over 4,200 likes in the same span of time. OP responded with what translates to, "they don't even know how to place France so I'll let you imagine for Listenbourg."

Gas Pflame @gaspardooo I'm sure Americans don't even know the name of this country ptdrrr 2:29 PM - Oct 30, 2022- Twitter for iPhone


Over the following days, French Twitters users began posting memes about Listenbourg, often joking that it's a real country. On October 30th, 2022, Twitter[3] user @LeVraiOmersi retweeted a video of someone canoeing, writing, "Admire the beauty of Listenbourg 😍😍," garnering over 6,500 likes in two days (shown below). That same day, a subreddit, /r/Listenbourg,[4] was started.

On October 31st, Twitter[5] user @WilLaLegende posted, "Listenbourg has become a country more recognized than Israel," garnering over 11,000 likes in a day. That same day, Twitter[6] user @BasitoAro posted a photoshop of Tucker Carlson talking about the country, garnering over 38,000 likes in a day (shown below).

Forty- @BasitoAro I'm moooooort @gaspardooo they talked about Listenbourg on Fox News and it doesn't make them laugh at all RLSO 'GHT FOX FRENCH MAKE FUN OF AMERICANS BY CREATING A COUNTRY NEWS 11:03 AM - Oct 31, 2022 Twitter for iPhone . ...

Also that day on October 31st, 2022, Twitter[7] user @anecdote_rapide posted a long-form thread titled "Thread on the incredible history of Listenbourg" about Listenbourg, garnering over 26,000 likes and 2,800 retweets in a day. The thread includes fake historical documents and events in Listenbourg's history (examples shown below).

Anecdotes rapides ANECDOTE @anecdote_rapide Already here are 2 maps of ListenBourg for the 2-3 uneducated who know nothing about the country 12:34 PM - Oct 31, 2022 Twitter for Android Kusterde 14 Flußerde Adriàs A 10 Mitteland * Cand Gelded deres da Caséière Anecdotes rapides etlin anecdote rapide The first traces of this country go back to Plato in one of his texts "the Critias" which in old listenbourgeois would mean "great people", he tells us about an incredible civilization endowed with a technology superior to all the others ܢܠ ܘܬ وا وعالم Παραθε πολιτιστικής περιμένουέλας απολυλούδων σε όλο το κάνει διαμαράκια για τα πάν midou Jiangh TRATURICAITMAT εσπεριδοματοπες Βενές. πισημισματικής αυτοδιοικηγόρο περιστα hikayes αποφασί συμμετρίασης αποιμαίας κατεξοπωσδήλωσηματων Συμμετεπιβολή του στο διαμαντιδημική απόδειξη της Σάμπρο τελιστική απελευτέρης δημιουργίες Ανακοι Εξεργέλη Λαμαλής της iar.ondndங்kal. τρόπο στην δικη ποσοφία υποστηριοψημα σήμα καταλήγει να σταμα ένθετης εκμετάλλ Σε αντικαταστα παρασκευάζεται σου θα μάθησης να dodystaly affyrdalspodbye to bodygryd εξελίδες Ανά αποκαλούν βλάwbg Αλλευσό darbu bun chagratedje dag niy περόπουλος προσέρβερολιβανέλος εξουδετεροπροσαρώθη αριδαρτηροπήθηκε σε Σπάρτυρας του ania αμπάρης Magyaline τα Faonaxes bandyk ιστολατρίδα, μπλο καταριόλι είχνολοσόφιλο டிநீ MATA wwww σημαντικό εξομάστημα. Κατάστημα πλέον κάτι οι προθέσεις αισθηματική της sfrauntier δημορίας. αυτοβιτρέ όπως έμειναν στην πρότα ψυκλεοφοκόπι ΑΝΟΙ τ www της τρίτης 199 fuld harginwid αποφεξωερτετραγικού προσφορές που μεταφέρονται απεζίρονται παραδοθείση γιαγράξεις Σπάρτη παρorthlag. Αραγωγή της αμεριστομένης παιδικα πα rfi, δυο βουδιστικ λογικής κατανάστες δοκιμα Αυστραλία του και να με στο τα μάτια και αναμέν Anecdotes rapides ANECDOT @anecdote rapide It was in 1661 that Listenbourg experienced one of the greatest wars in its history, indeed in 1661 Louis XIV took power in France and called himself "the Sun King" a term stolen from King Listen XV, who had already called the Sun King, which irritated the Listenbourg. WAA Sele Anecdotes rapides ANECDOT @anecdote_rapide ... The conflict only lasts a few days since Listenbourgeois superiority easily crushes the French armies. It is true that this lightning war is little known in France, especially in history textbooks, since it is an immense humiliation and we

Brand Twitter accounts soon started playing into the meme. Later on October 31st, the official Waze France Twitter[8] page posted what translates to, "Listenbourg, at least we know how to get there!" garnering over 21,000 likes in under a day (shown below). On November 1st, the L’Europe Ensemble Twitter page (@Ensemble_UE) posted, "We support Listenbourg's membership of the EU," garnering over 9,500 likes in under a day.

Waze France @Waze_France The Listenbourg, at least we know how to get there! 3:24 PM Oct 31, 2022. TweetDeck

Various Examples

Groenland 6:28 Sahara occidental Marritania Google Islande Irlande listenbourg Portugal Maroc Royaume-Uni Espagne France Algerie L Norvège 22 Suède Allemagne (49°11′16″N 5°48'25"W) 10 197 km Autric Italie Tunisie V French Ahmad. @TheFrancais7 I want to apologize for my absence from social networks I'm currently on vacation in listenbourg at least they don't refuse the visa like some *** nes @cneowewe Nothing to say about the women at the Listenbourg, it's really the high level, huh HUMOUR SIMPSON @humoursimpson Les américains quand ils découvrent l'existence du Listenbourg ⠀ RO A CHIRO ODA EIICHIRO ODA EIICHIRO ODA EIICHIRO ODA Mimet EUICHIRO ODA ENCHIRO GOA ENCHIRO GOA ENCHURO UNO S ODG DONE ONE P A ONE P ONE PIA ONE PIE ONE PIEL ONE PIEC ONE PIECE ONE PIECE SRE. 006 DICCE 006 DICCE ODG DISCS ARE PIECE PIE It's history OFFICIAL folks. One Piece manga sold over 100 million at Listenbourg @LuffabOP Luffab

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