Magneto / MagNEIGHto (My Little Pony Crossover)

Magneto / MagNEIGHto (My Little Pony Crossover)

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Magneto (or MagNEIGHto) is a crossover of Magneto from X-Men and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. The crossover was born during the Bronyville Podcast[1] when an advertisement featuring Magneto in the lower right hand corner popped up repeatedly.


On the day of September 10th, 2011, into the morning hours of September 11th, the members of the Bronyville Podcast were having a 13-hour long live-stream of the entire first season of the show to commemorate the new and upcoming Season 2 of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

Near the end of the stream, an advertisement repeatedly popped up in the bottom right corner of the screen, featuring an image of the X-Men character Magneto, as well as a caption of "Click here to unleash Magneto's Powers!".

Eventually the streamers and the viewers caught onto this notable popup, and it became a topic of discussion between the Bronyville members and the special guests, which included Phoe of Equestria Daily and a well-known fan-fiction writer, Midnight Shadow.

It remained simple discussion until partway into episode 26, when the song "At the Gala" began playing. Apple Cider, a member of the Bronyville team, was egged on and eventually began singing along with the show. While he was singing "At the Gala" the Magneto advertisement once again appeared causing a spontaneous riot with the podcast. Almost immediately after Magneto appeared Apple Cider began changing parts of the song he was singing to involve Magneto and magnet-themed topics.


Fans quickly responded with hilarity. Within only minutes, the meme had spread; moments after the end of the song, an image of a Magneto-styled pony appeared on the Pony image site Ponibooru[2]. This picture was posted on Equestria Daily in the entry titled "MAGNETO" [3]. Soon after, a fan-fiction entitled "MAGNETO" that consisted of nothing more than a copy-paste of the word "Magneto" in capitals was added to this post.

Magneto was the topic of discussion until the end of the stream, and the hosts noticed the near-instant reaction by fans and mentioned the Ponibooru image and Equestria Daily post live. Some fans referred to this as the highlight of the entire stream. The morning after, the image of Magneto was added to the Bronyville website banner at and lots of OC's pictures could be seen on Ponychan. Sethisto (Equestria Daily admin) also posted an entry with a link of Hasbro's My Little Pony Store selling a Magneto toy[4]. The link was spreaded all over the Ponynet but the Magneto toy was just an URL manipulation (one more time, Magneto trolled the bronies).

On September 17th, 2011, an animator of the show posted a Behind the Scenes video about the animation of the show on his YouTube channel[5]. Near the end of this video, the animator included a small scene in which a fully animated pony version of Magneto smashed Wonderbolts with a statue at the Grand Galloping Gala, while saying "Welcome to die", a famous Magneto quote from the X-Men arcade game.

Since September 27th, oline shop WeLoveFine is selling Magneighto t-shirts with the Hezaakun design[6]

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