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Putin Starting Way Back

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Putin Starting Way Back, also known as Vladimir Putin Giving Tucker Carlson History Lesson, refers to memes parodying Russian President Vladimir Putin giving a nearly 30-minute background on Eastern European history going back to the 9th century during his February 2024 interview with American political pundit Tucker Carlson. In memes, Vladimir Putin explains events, both real and fictional, by starting centuries earlier with seemingly irrelevant historical occurrences.


On February 8th, 2024, American pundit Tucker Carlson uploaded a two-hour-long interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the first major interview with Putin since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, to YouTube[1] and X / Twitter[8] (seen below).

The interview opens with a question as Vladimir Putin asks for a minute to provide historical background on the history of Russia and Ukraine, proceeding to speak in length about his perspective on Eastern European history starting with the formation of Rus in the 9th century and arguing that Russia has a claim to Ukrainian territories and that Ukraine is an artificially created state.

If you don't mind I will take only 30 seconds or one minute to give you a short reference to history, for giving you a little historical background.

Immediately following the interview, jokes and memes about Putin's historical excursion during the interview were posted on X / Twitter, 4chan and other platforms. For example, on February 8th, 2024, X[2] user @zanyfen made a comment that garnered over 200 reposts and 4,600 likes in one day (shown below).


Later that day, X[3] user @stranysovok posted a screenshot of a 4chan post parodying this segment of the interview. The post (shown below) received over 1,600 reposts and 22,000 likes on X in one day.

TCN THE >Why did Russia invade Ukraine. Let me take a few minutes to explain the history. >Please do. TOCKER:07:18 CARLSON putin_stealth_middle_finger_orangeman_makeup_artist.png 360 KB PNG It was a stormy day in Ukraine back in the year 4753 BC. Czar Batahklan was dismounting his horse at the marketplace to purchase some firs and provisions for his long journey ahead... Tucker: 0_0


In the following hours, multiple memes in which Vladimir Putin explained various events (both real and fictional) by going way back in history to seemingly unrelated historical occurrences appeared online. For example, on February 8th, 2024, X[4] user @MiddleearthMixr posted a The Lord of the Rings parody that received over 2,100 reposts and 22,000 likes in one day (shown below, left).

That same day, X[5] user @CyperPunkCortes posted a meme in which Putin explains the roots of the American Civil War by going back to Saxons arriving in Britain in 449 AD. The post (shown below, right) received over 3,900 reposts and 50,000 likes in one day.

GREL The Middle-earth Mixer @MiddleearthMixr 16 9:25 PM Feb 8, 2024 604.3K Views : "You see Tucker in order to truly understand the history of Sauron you must understand Morgoth. I'd like to walk you through the First Age for a brief moment. I'm assuming you've read the Ainulindalë?” . ... Hernan Cortes @CyberPunkCortes "Tucker, I explain to you the roots of your American Civil War." "You mean like the Missouri Compromise, or..." "NO, I must start with the arrival of Saxon warlords Hengist and Horsa on the shores of Britain in the year 449 AD..." (TCN)JuX 9:54 PM Feb 8, 2024 1.5M Views THE TUCKER CARLSON INTERVIEW

The parody trend continued the following day. A February 9th, 2024, meme by X[6] user @cremieuxrecueil accrued over 3,600 reposts and 52,000 likes in one day (shown below, left). An X Lore video caption by user @MKatorin gained over 200 reposts and 1,100 likes on X[7] in one day (shown below, right).

Mr. Putin, why did you invade Ukraine? Four billion years ago, the Earth was in its cooling phase Putin explaining the Ukraine war to Tucker Carlson HISTORY T

Various Examples

Andrew @sranysovok - Here's why Ukraine not a real country. Ivan, bring Julius Caesar letters 8:20 PM. Feb 8, 2024 82.4K Views Misheru Katorin = @MKatorin "Can you explain why you had to die for our sins?" "In the beginning was the Word" 8:08 AM Feb 9, 2024 1,212 Views talk. : ... charlie @StyledApe Tucker Carlson: And Ukraine, seems like a yikes from me buddy Vladimir Putin for 30 minutes uninterrupted: ATV UNIVERSALIS NORWAY www.BANDICAM.COM 2:39 AM Feb 9, 2024 71.1K Views Goee.co MUS COVY OTTOMANS UZBEK SIBIR KAZAKH TRANSOXTAN OIRAT YARKAND ...
Banished Kent @kentbanishearl "I am just coming to that. You said you wanted a serious conversation, not a talk show. You see in the beginning, all the creations of Illuvatar, the Ainur, sang harmoniously, but not Melkor..." "Okay, but what does that have to do with Gandalf sending a hobbit into Mordor?" talk. : 10:31 PM. Feb 8, 2024 510.2K Views ... The Brazen Head of Sylvester II @hope_pead “...and then we began to get really serious about ethics in video game journalism, this was around the time moot gave up control of 4chan and "cuck" entered modern internet vernacular. From there a group of.." "Mr Putin, please when are we getting to the question..." "Is this a talk show or a conversation? If you want to understand Sol shorts you must start at the beginning. Where was I, yes Brianna Wu..”” 10:37 PM. Feb 8, 2024 19K Views : . Oliver Jia (オリバージア) @OliverJia1014 "Why does Solid Snake fight Metal Gear?" "It all goes back to the Normandy landings in 1944 when The Boss lead an elite group of soldiers known as the Cobra Unit. She gave birth to her child on the battlefield. He would later be known as Revolver Ocelot and ONX TCN ON 1:49 AM • Feb 9, 2024 16.9K Views ... THE TUCKER CARLSON INTERVIEW

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Tucker admitting to not being prepared for Putin to launch into a revisionist historical narrative just shows how little he researched about Putin going into this. Putin loooooooooves talking about how Greek/Roman ruins on Crimea, Lenin and the Bolsheviks betraying Russia, and other various Russia figures help justify his vision of Russia's borders reaching far beyond their modern day lines. Bro will literally show you a letter allegedly from Genghis Khan showing that Russia owns Bermuda if you ask him.


Tucker Carlson: Tell me how NATO provoked you into invading Ukraine.

Putin: Well my story begins in nineteen dickety two. We had to say dickety because the Kaiser had stolen our word 'twenty'. I chased that rascal to get it back, but gave up after dickety-six miles…


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