Ridin' Spinners

Ridin' Spinners

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Ridin' Spinners is a 2003 rap single released by the Southern rap group Three 6 Mafia.

On the Internet, "Ridin' Spinnaz" also refers to a YTMND series featuring a looped footage of hardcore gay porn, set to the eponymous song by Three 6 Mafia for humorous effect. Being one of the earliest user-created YTMND sites ever, Ridin' Spinnaz phenomenon is most notable for catching on during the early days of the community and spawning an extensive pool of derivative sites. It has been also cited as the precursor to other popular NSFW/shock fads like You Spin Me Round and Meatspin.com.


"I'm ridin' spinners, I'm ridin' spinners, they don't stop"

In January 2003, the rap group Three 6 Mafia released the third single off their album Da Unbreakables called "Ridin' Spinners," a song about free-spinning luxury rims that's become a popular add-on for vehicles.

Original YTMND

The original YTMND site was created by user Peccavi on April 24th, 2004, using a scene from a transsexual pornography film. Paired with Three 6 Mafia's rap song, the clip shows an explicit close-up shot of two people engaging in anal sex with one of the penises flying about in a clockwise motion. The original site supposedly featured a caption that read "WE RIDIN SPINNAS ALSO COCKS." However, according to the YTMND wiki:

There is some debate as to whether the text has always included the term "ALSO COCKS." The first comment left on the site's profile indicates that the site used to read simply "WE RIDE SPINNAZ" although there is no conclusive evidence of this fact.

As of today, this YTMND has received more than 485,000 views.


The YTMND wiki page states that the original Ridin' Spinnaz YTMND may have been the motivation for Max Goldberg, the creator of YTMND, to create the now-defunct YTMNSFW, where only NSFW YTMNDs were posted.

In March 2005, the image from the initial YTMND became the background for the shock site Meatspin.com. However, the music had been replaced with You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) by Dead or Alive, which also was a YTMND fad started in 2004.

It has been also speculated the catchphrase "Also X" originated from Ridin' Spinnaz as well. According to the YTMND wiki:

Ridin Spinnas' influence has been seen far and wide throughout YTMND, and the Internet as a whole. The phrase 'also cocks,' which is believed to have been coined by the site, is often used in chat rooms and forums as a non-sequitur to end conversations.


On YTMND, the looped footage was seen by many as so damn mesmerizing that it spawned a great amount of derivatives, divided into 2 main titles, "Ridin Spinnas" and "Ridin Spinnaz". The former has led to the creation of over 200 pages while the latter has extended to over 550 pages.

Some of the most popular SFW spinoff YTMNDs are:

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