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SuperCum is the supposed name of a Russian UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) that appeared in a graphic posted by the Air Force of Ukraine. The graphic refers to the SuperCam UAV. The name began trending on social media after the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported the country was attacked on the night of May 16th, 2023 by 18 missiles amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict and shot them all down, including at least one "SuperCum" UAV. The name "SuperCum" caught social media users' attention due to it sounding like "Super Cum," which is Western slang for an orgasm.


On May 16th, 2023, the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine posted a graphic to Telegram that the previous night, Russia had fired 18 missiles at Ukraine and Ukraine was successful in destroying them all.[1] Among those missiles were three UAVs, including at least one SuperCam UAV (SuperCam shown below).

In the original version of the message, SuperCam is written as "SuperCum" (shown below, left). In English translations of the graphic, "SuperCum" is written as "SuperCam" (shown below, right).

16.05.2023 (07.00) ######### XVIII +++ ЗНИЩЕНО: - - 6 аеробалістичних ракет “Кинджал" - – 9 крилатих ракет "Калібр" — - 3 балістичні/зенітні ракети (уточн.) - 6 ударних БПЛА "Shahed-136/131" З БПЛА ("Орлан", "SuperCum") ш Повітряні Сили f 16 May 2023 (07:00) !!!! +++++++++ $$$||| +++ Destroyed: - 6 Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles - 9 Kalibr cruise missiles - 3 ballistic/surface-to-air missiles - 6 Shahed-136/131 strike drones - - 3 UAVs (Orlan, Supercam) Air Force of Ukraine f

That morning, Twitter[2] user @Maks_NAFO_Fella tweeted the Ukrainian graphic, including "SuperCum" in their tweet. The tweet gained over 140 retweets and 1,000 likes in less than twelve hours (shown below).

MAKS 22 @Maks_NAFO_FELLA At night, Russia attacked Ukraine with 18 missiles, all of them were shot down E 6 "Kinzhal" ■ 9 "Kalibr" ■ 3 missiles SOON ■ 6 "Shahed" ■ 3 "Orlan", "SuperCum" #ThankYouAirDefence #Ukraine #UkraineWillWin What do you think? 16.05.2023 || [] ######++ III - 6 аеробалістичних ракет "Кинджал" – 9 крилатих ракет “Калібр" - 3 балістичні/зенітні ракети (уточн.) - 6 ударних БПЛА "Shahed-136/131" - 3 БПЛА ("Орлан", "SuperCum") ш (07.00) +++ ЗНИЩЕНО: Повітряні Сили 2:26 AM. May 16, 2023 f


As news of the attack and Ukraine's defense spread on social media, many users were struck by "SuperCum." Twitter[4] user @KarinaVinnikova highlighted "SuperCum" in a tweet about the news, gaining over 70 retweets and 720 likes in less than twelve hours (shown below, left). Twitter[3] user @ArnabNRoy joked that Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy was destroying "SuperCum," gaining over 70 retweets and 760 likes in less than twelve hours (shown below, left).

Karina Vinnikova @KarinaVinnikova I'm sorry, our air defence forces destroyed 3 UAV “SuperCum”? Interesting 16.05.2023 (07.00) ######## IIIIII +++ ЗНИЩЕНО: 6 аеробалістичних ракет “Кинджал" - 9 крилатих ракет “Калібр" - 3 балістичні/зенітні ракети (уточн.) - 6 ударних БПЛА "Shahed-136/131" - 3 БпЛА ("Орлан", "SuperCum") ш Повітряні Сили Arnab Roy @ArnabNRoy Zelensky on his way to take down SuperCum NEVEMENT :

Chatter about the attack and "SuperCum" caused "SuperCum" to trend on Twitter.[5] Once that happened, users began to joke about the term trending and make jokes about the term unrelated to Ukraine. Twitter[6] user @zachsilberberg joked that, as "SuperCum" was trending alongside "#layoffs," that he had been laid off from the SuperCum factory (shown below, left). Twitter[7] user @EverythingOOC joked that Obama had "SuperCum," gaining over 290 retweets and 3,500 likes (shown below, right).

zach silberberg supports the WGA @zachsilberberg ah fuck. just got laid off from the supercum factory Trending in United States SuperCum 6,174 Tweets Trending in United States #layoffs 2,845 Tweets 10:59 AM . May 16, 2023 : Everything Out Of Context @EverythingOOC Obama has got that SuperCum BAILS obama after inventing cum II GIF 7:08 AM - May 16, 2023 :

Various Examples

+ Fella Brigade + @FellaBrigade Rumor has it that US Army (NATO) Major Johnny Sins was killed in a #SuperCum drone strike on an underground base in Dnipro today. The bunker was located 1,100m below the surface of the earth. RIP Hero. : LOOK! UP IN THE SKY! IT'S A BIRD! V (IT'S A PLANE! FIT'S SUPERCUM! 34 RomanSchurko Putin's Turd Smuggler @200_Cope No SuperCum UAV kit is complete without the UAZ-469 Bukkake command center. 9:39 AM · May 16, 2023 и

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