A photo of the Mobik Meat Cube depicting a pallet of decomposing meat wrapped in shrink wrap.

Mobik Meat Cube

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The Mobik Meat Cube or Russian Meat Cube, also known as Cubenik is a conspiracy theory surrounding a series of photographs purportedly showing a compressed pile of dead human remains of people killed during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The images, allegedly taken from a street in the Grafovka, Schebekinskiy district of Belgorod oblast, Russia, first surfaced on Telegram in early July 2023 and spread across sites including 4chan and Twitter as users attempted to discover whether or not the meat cube is really made of human remains, also inspiring memes. The cube was reported by Russian news sources to be discarded, spoiled liver and intestines originally meant to be used as dog food, with the Angel Animal Shelter reportedly confirming this.


On July 4th, 2023, a Telegram[1] user posted an image to the "Huyovy Kharkiv Huey Kharkiv" page showing several photographs, purportedly taken the day prior, of a pile of what appears to be organs compressed into a cube using saran wrap placed on top of a pallet. The post gained over 143,000 views in a day. The caption that accompanies the photographs reads what translates to:

Some news from Shchemyakino in the BNR. I wonder what or who can be pressed there?🤔

"Please help, they will affect the situation in the Shebekinsky district. Grafovka village, Verkhnyaya Street, 5. On 03.07.23, remains of unknown origin were brought and left right on the roadway and near the yard. The remains are in large quantities. They have a disgusting appearance and are even more disgusting the smell. I am attaching photos. All this slurry is flowing down the street. Yesterday they called all the services everywhere. They wrote letters. But they answered within a month. Here are such ecological problems. I am thinking of starting a bonfire. I think everything will come at once. The residents of the street are contacting."

A second post sharing additional photos of the meat cube was then posted to the "Whisper Shebekino👀" Telegram[2] channel that day (images shown below, compiled, censored). The caption reads:

Please help influence the situation in the Shebekinsky district with. Grafovka, Verkhnyaya St., 5 On
07/03/23, remains of unknown origin were brought and left right on the roadway and near the yard. The rest are in abundance. They look disgusting and smell even more disgusting. Photos are attached. All this slurry flows down the street. Yesterday they called all the services sent everywhere. They wrote letters. But the answer is within a month. These are the environmental issues. I'm thinking about building a fire. I think everyone will come. Residents of the street are turning.


Spread / Investigation

On July 4th, 2023, an anonymous user of 4chan's /k/[3] board posted a comment (shown below, left) about the meat cube, suggesting there was an earlier thread posted to 4chan claiming the cube was comprised of dead Ukrainians, writing:

They tried to pretend it was Ukrainians at first until we tracked down the Telegram post and found out that it was actually in Belgorod. They then tried to back peddle and claim that the eldritch amalgamation of mystery meat, distorted faces and torn bodybags was just off-cuts of meat that were dumped on the side of the road. Two large crates of perfectly find cuts of meat that could have been sold off for pet food or ground up into cheap mince that were just abandoned in some random corner of a poverty stricken Russian border town.

Another anon posted an image to the thread[4] of the street the meat cube was purportedly found on, showing evidence of a nearby meat processing plant and suggesting the cube is just discarded, unwanted meat from the plant (shown below right). 4chan users continued to investigate the image, attempting to point out what some believed are human remains in the cube.[5]

>> >> □ Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)14:01:04 No.58820380 ► >>58820493 seeing multiple threads about america losing against vietnam and afghanistan so I cant wait to see what caused this. □ Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)14:12:45 No.58820493 ► >>58820523 >>58820602 >>58820380 One of the things is probably the Mobik Meat Cube. They tried to pretend it was Ukrainians at first until we tracked down the Telegram post and found out that it was actually in Belgorod. They then tried to back peddle and claim that the eldritch amalgamation of mystery meat, distorted faces and torn bodybags was just off-cuts of meat that were dumped on the side of the road. Two large crates of perfectly find cuts of meat that could have been sold off for pet food or ground up into cheap mince that were just abandoned in some random corner of a poverty stricken Russian border town. Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)14:30:34 No.58820602 ► >>58820607 >>58820624 >>58820681 >>58820704 >>58820493 >Mobik Meat Cube The what Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)14:31:41 No.58820607 >>58820602 THE CUBE Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)14:41:46 No.58820681 ► >>58820692 >>58820602 >he doesn't know □ Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)14:44:46 No.58820704 ► >>58820714 >>58820758 >>58820602 A shill posted a thread claiming that the Ukrainians had created a meat cube out of the dead, but we found out that actually the images came from these Telegram posts from Belgorod. https://t.me/huyovy_kharkiv/115454 https://t.me/club_shebekino/4563 After we worked this out and started wondering what the hell was going on, the shills started to back peddle saying that it was just meat from the local processing plant that they had just left there for some god forsaken reason, before spamming the jannies with requests to take down the original thread and any other thread that wanted to discuss it. That behaviour hints that it might not have been animals and that the Dead Zigger Storage might be having some temperature issues. O Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)14:46:05 No.58820714 ► >>58820704 I WILL NOT HAVE YOU MOCKING THE MOBIK MEAT CUBE! O Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)14:34:38 No.58820624 ► >>58820646 >>58820678 >>58820691 >>58820709 >>58820766 File: 1688474784092357.jpg (250 KB, 960x1280) >>58820602 The Cube >> Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)14:43:00 No.58820692 >>58820715 File: 1666735961128619.png (448 KB, 759x543) r WHAT IN TARNATIONS >>58820681 I don't. And now that I have seen the image anon posted above, I know even less. Is this what the ancients felt when they gazed into the darkness beyond the first campfires? □ Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)14:50:15 No.58820766 ► >>58820624 AVE CUBUS CONSCRIPTUS ☐ Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)14:41:26 No.58820678 ► >>58820693 >>58820697 >>58820624 Felt myself losing some sanity just from looking at this Did reality rip this straight out of some Cthulhu mythos? ☐ Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)14:42:48 No.58820691 ► >>58820701 >>58820715 >>58820624 What am I looking at here? It feels like I'm getting an aneurysm while trying to discern individual details of that mess. Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)14:44:22 No.58820701 >>58820691 The forbidden bouillon cube. >> Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)14:43:07 No.58820693 >>58820678 SCP-8721 has escaped containment. >> Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)14:46:11 No.58820715 >>58820691 >>58820692 Rotted bodies of Russian soldiers that were stacked / compressed on palettes. Currently registered as SCP-8721, nicknamed "Mobik's Cube", they have developed a degree of mobility and, possibly, sentience. If you encounter an instance of SCP-8721, leave the vicinity and report the instance to the Foundation immediately. ☐ Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)14:43:55 No.58820697 ► >>58820731 >>58820678 Russians took their dead soldier, threw them in some metal thing, crushed them into a cube then forgot about then for a long time it looks >> Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)14:48:08 No.58820731 ► >>58820769 >>58820791 >>58820697 I don't think they even crushed it, I just think they rotted and merged together due to being kept in a hot container somewhere. Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)14:52:32 No.58820791 >>58820731 >I just think they rotted and merged together Is Shoigu trying to f------ summon The One Reborn? >>58820854 Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)14:58:20 No.58820854 >>58820884 >>58820791 Well he already summoned the living failures so.. >> Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)15:00:39 No.58820884 >>58820903 >>58820854 I don't know if I want to be in the Blyatborne timeline. >> Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)15:02:49 No.58820903 ► >>58820884 We even got a corrupt church controlled by seedy spies trying to bring back the dead(country) home - Manufacturers Food and agricultural industry Livestock farms - Agro-Product >> About company Requisites TIN OGRN checkpoint Number of employees Date of registration Contacts >> uprumun-Crpok ЭНЕРГИЯ ЕДИНСТВА About company In 1995, in the Belgorod region in the village of Grafovka, Shebekinsky district, a dairy plant, a meat processing workshop and a slaughterhouse were put into operation. Types of activity of the LLC "Agro- Product" enterprise: milk production, plant growing. It is part of the holding JSC "HK" Energomash-Stroy Address Phone Site Contacts Requisites Reviews 3120087601 1103120000829 312001001 Agro- Product 24 Livestock farms With. Grafovka, Belgorod Oblast 26.07.2010 Data update: 02/23/2022 Number of views: 204 Shebekinsky district, with. Grafovka, st. Production, 3 +7 (4724... http://ww.... >> Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)14:58:46 No.58820861 ► >>58820900 >>58820924 >>58820934>>58821002 >>58821039 >>58821090 >>58821238 File: 1688471033384586.jpg (897 KB, 1920x1040) >>58820624 >>58820678 >>58820709 Fake and gay Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)15:04:53 No.58820924 ► File: 1475074829256.webm (523 KB, 800x455) >> Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)15:05:43 No.58820934 File: dog.jpg (40 KB, 960x640) Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)15:02:41 No.58820900 >>58820861 Honestly thank god. Though i knew it was sussy when they used pallets for the supposed vatnik cube, we all know pallets are HATO heresy dark magic for russochimps. >>58820861 >>58820861 >meat processing plant >use it's massive coolers as a makeshift morgue after ziggers run out of room in the regular ones thanks for confirming. russians truly are worse than chinese ☐ Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)15:07:09 No.58820952 >the flesh is spreading in Russia TO ARMS, GATHER THE FLAME THROWERS IT MUST BE STOPPED Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)15:10:03 No.58820974 ► >>58820624 Join the army they said, we won't turn you into a cube they said >> Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)15:18:12 No.58821039 ► >>58821060 da, that's just how Russians process their meat. It's very tasty shashliks, you should try some. >>58820861 Then why is it wearing clothes? >> Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)16:08:55 No.58821501 ► where the evidence □ Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)15:13:04 No.58821002 ► >>58820861 How convienent for it to be dropped on a street with no streetview recording to double check the surroundings! to Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)15:20:44 No.58821060 ► >>58821039 A prosperous country with a strong economy can easily clothe its farm animals. Report a bug >>58821039 >not dressing your farm animals in cute little outfits before cubing them ngmi >> O Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)15:24:28 No.58821090 ► >>58821230 File: Screenshot_20230704_16212(...).png (1.6 MB, 1080x1346) Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)15:38:23 No.58821230 ► >>58820861 >verkhnyaya ulitsa why is that circled? its a random residential street? Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)15:39:45 No.58821238 ► >>58821339 >>58820861 That sounds like something a Cube would say. Post Human Hands Now! Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)15:48:50 No.58821339 ► >>58821238 >Post Human Hands Now! You know he has plenty >>58821090 apart from what that dude posted there isn't any geolocation out to tie to that particular street or even that particular village. >> Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)15:57:02 No.58821405 ► >>58821435 >>58820704 god, russian shills are special kind of subhumans i hope they get compressed into cubes after the war Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)15:59:50 No.58821435 This is my company >>58821405 Whoa don't get a compressed cube on me. □ Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)16:04:17 No.58821466 File: xaxaxaxa.jpg (6 KB, 249x242) ELITO PROT >>58820861 I'm onto you cubezigger It's expired meat from an industrial farm, idiots □ Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)16:18:42 No.58821582 ► >>58821617 >>58821566 Flatniks compressed into a mobrick to then be stacked to make a Comrade Cube Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue) 16:23:37 No.58821617 ► >>58821582 As much as i would also love, that being a mobik cube... it is not. Looks like throw away from a meat processing plant. Entrails and such. Iskusstvo i Dusha 2 min 1.4 km 16 min 1.2 km 3 min 1.5 km 13 Grafovka Графовка Administratsiya Grafovskogo Sel'skogo.. Администрация штрафовского OVerkhnyaya Ulitsa

In another thread on the /k/[6] board, an anon suggests that the meat is dog food meant for a nearby veterinary clinic that went bad and was dumped (shown below, left). Some then doubted this, claiming there are no kennels or veterinary clinics within 20 kilometers of the dumping site, including Twitter[7] user @ShitlordP.

On July 5th, 2023, a screenshot of a translated post from Telegram[16] was posted to a thread on /pol/[8] also claiming it is discarded frozen liver and intestines donated as humanitarian aid for dog food (shown below, right). The claim comes from Russian news site Go31.ru[15] who contacted the owner of an animal shelter, who confirmed that the meat cube was meant to be dog food but they had to abandon it after nobody would help them properly dispose of it.

□ Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)18:05:40 No.58822659 ► >>58822696 >>58822781 >>58822993 >>58825555 File: 1659429257311743.png (380 KB, 600x600) Klary FLEISCH Suppe □ Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)18:10:08 No.58822696 ► >>58822993 >>58822659 who's down for some mobik broth? >>58822577 Adolf Hitler was the first that came up with that. He called it the "Fleischwürfel" (meat cube). If cooled properly and with some preparation it could be used to create Fleischsuppe (meat soup) and send sustenance to the frontlines without the need for cooling. Shown is a bucket with concentrated Fleischsuppe, reconstitutes to over 220 liter finest soup. O Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)19:01:50 No.58823239 ► >>58823387 >>58823466 >>58823570 File: Soylent Green.png (1.03 MB, 1092x612) ■ >>58822993 >>58822874 Сойлент Грин is people! □ Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)18:12:15 No.58822708 ► >>58822734 >>58822874 >>58822694 Totally just expired meat product from the local plant, comrade! Ignore that it has been closed for almost a year due to being close to the border, comrade! We aren't compressing flatniks into mobricks, comrade! Сойлент Прин isn't Chicken, it's people! Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)18:17:36 No.58822746 ► >>58822770 >>58822993 >>58822577 are you man enough to solve the Mobik's cube? Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)18:17:57 No.58822747 ► U >>58822577 DUBS OF TRUTH! THE PROPHECY WAS TRUE! THE MOBIK CUBE IS REAL! □ Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)18:20:37 No.58822770 ► >>58822993 File: Dr. Mobotnik.jpg (64 KB, 1024x910) >>58822746 I feel Dr. Mobotnik has gone too far this time. >> Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)18:20:57 No.58822773 ► >>58822793 File: 1673831943919484.gif (3.32 MB, 640x640) MFW it's true. Russians put their dead on pallets and cool them to ship them back home to be buried. Not sure why this cube was put without cooling, but ... [... want to taste the juice! Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)18:22:41 No.58822793 ► >>58822773 Do not lick the Forbidden Oxo Cube! >> Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)21:00:04 No.58824869 File: MarcoPierreWhite.jpg (631 KB, 954x1378) >>58823696 >I recommend using Knorr Mobik Stock Pot. >> Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)18:45:28 No.58823008 ► >>58822993 Largest chickens ever. Man sized chickens in fact. >> Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)19:05:27 No.58823289 ► >>58823687 >>58822577 they probably ship it off to Siberia and sell it as beef to the clueless Buryats Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)19:36:52 No.58823687 >>58823289 >clueless According to stories, those siberian villages would easily recognize the taste... ☐ Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)22:45:09 No.58826186 ► >>58826222 >>58826240 File: Dog_Food.png (382 KB, 598x754) Someone posted this in another thread and now I'm convinced that they chopped up their own soldiers into food. Can anyone help be debunk this awful thought? >> Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)22:48:54 No.58826222 ► File: f625d0eb0497c28355e8434d8(...).jpg (7 KB, 259x194) >>58826186 >I'm convinced that they chopped up their own soldiers into dog food. □ Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)21:48:17 No.58825555 ► >>58825565 >>58825917 File: LEAN MEAN VATNIK REDUCING(...).jpg (255 KB, 980x776) Anonymous 07/04/23(Tue)23:02:24 No.58826361 ► >>58826186 >vatniks don't remove their own dead from the battlefield >rotted meat meant for dogs is cleaned up double-quick uh, I have a difficult time believing that. Especially after all the frantic damage control being run. First it was Ukrainians that did the cube...until it was geolocated to Belgorod. Then it was just rotted offcuts from the nearby meat processing plant...until that turned out to be a chicken farm. Now it's dog food? >>58822577 >>58822614 >>58822659 Yulia Shchedrina two minutes ago Today, the telegram channel <url> has information about the placement of animal products in large volumes without observing the conditions of its storage, located in the village of Grafovka, Shebekinsky city district. The shelter of ANO "Angel" for dogs brought 2 tons of humanitarian aid frozen liver and intestines. Currently, the products are removed. The State Veterinary Service disinfected the roadway streets. It's a special TV offer from the /k/ing of the Grill, GEORGE FOREMAN! My lean mean vatnik-reducing grilling machine with built-in HIMARS launcher, delivers great tasting dead Russians in minutes! First of all, knocks out the Vatnik! Now, order the George Foreman Grill with Storm Shadow, two TB-2 drones, and HIMARS launcher in your choice of colors, plus the Special Military Operation Cookbook. AND you get a $20 NATO membership certificate! You get it ALL! A $60 value. JUST $19.99! Tell them the /k/ing of the Grill sent you! Call Now! ☐ Anonymous (ID: R7+0PD9a) 07/04/23(Tue) 10:41:25 No.433265036 >>433265252 >>433265386 Gordon.png (964 KB, 947x578) google yandex iqdb wait >Right, today were doing Zigger Borscht, something my mum used to make when I was a lad >Now, lets open one of the cubes and see what we're working with >Terrific, look at that color! Simple, rustic, just beautiful >VDV is out of season right now and hard to find, but worth every penny. >Okay, knife, nice and sharp, sharp, sharp >Bring the stock to a simmer and add the meat >Now we dice the Lukashenko potatoes and into the pot they go. >Add a little Red Forest soil for that extra kick and from there we'll let it sit for a few hours >Wow, guys, I think it's ready. That odor is just fantastic, really superb stuff, get a whiff of it >Great, lets dig in >F--- me, that is tremendous, really tremendous, guys. The texture is sublime and the flavor is bold but not overwhelming REDAENOTE LE ATQUAS CAM Russian →> English "Remains of unknown origin" left on the road in Grafovka turned out to be humanitarian aid for a shelter with dogs. G031 journalists contacted the owner of the Angel Animal Shelter, Irina Kharitonova. She explained that it was 2 tons of frozen liver and intestines, which yesterday Lenkorm donated for dog food. "They brought it, but we can't drag it into the yard. The administration, ecology and veterinary medicine have already attacked us. We called all the tractors, but they are busy. We don't know what to do. It is not clear when it will be possible to remove - it, "Irina answered. When asked about help from the municipal administration, the animal rights activist replied that she could not be expected from officials. According to her, "they only attack."

Continued Spread / Memes

After the images surfaced, the story of the Mobik Meat Cube spread across social media, inspiring memes and reactions in early July 2023. On July 4th, the meat cube images were also shared to 9GAG,[9] garnering over 370 upvotes in a day. The meat cube was then shared to the /r/4chan[10] and /r/NonCredibleDefense[11] subreddits that same day, garnering over 800 upvotes and 3,900 upvotes, respectively, in less than a day. It was also posted to /r/eyeblech,[14] accumulating over 2,600 upvotes in a similar timeframe.

Also on July 4th, 2023, a Redditor shared a Condescending Wonka meme to /r/NonCredibleDefense[12] suggesting the meat cube is fake, garnering over 680 upvotes in a day (shown below, left). Later that day, another meme about the cube was posted to /r/NonCredibleDefense,[13] garnering over 200 upvotes in a similar timeframe (shown below, right).


Various Examples

tell fortunes with Magic Mobik Meat Cube FORTUNE TELLER ASK AGAIN LATER unpacking the meat cube Posted by u/rage9000 12 hours ago 3000 Meat Cubes Now For Putin Literal death inside. nsfw HIDDEN MEAT BAG (STASH) EXTRANSFER MOTHER OF INVENTION Learn about the Fort Atlas substructure Speak to Scribe Valdez MISCELLANEOUS Find the kids in Fort Atlas 87 D hey, Russia, how's it going? w Jesus Christ.

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