Too Much Ass

Too Much Ass

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Too much ass is a catchphrase on 4chan that is associated with the country Ireland, where Irishmen are stereotyped as disliking big asses on women. It originated from 4chan's /sp/ board.


Flags were first added on /sp/ on July 2nd, 2012 for the 2012 Olympics.[2] At that time, the impact of having flags was not fully felt yet, and stereotypes based on country had yet to be formed.


On July 6th, 2012, four days after flags were added, in a gymnastics thread made in preparation for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, an image of the gymnast Bridgette Glass was posted.[1] The first reply to the image had an Ireland flag, saying "too much ass, but that is hot as fuck". The reply in turn generated over 30 replies, most of which greentexted "too much ass" with a > prefix.

、 Anonymous 07/06/12!Fn)18 08 № 22864111 Fle: 1341512498965 189-(110 KB, T40 1114, 1237191205904 ipal Anonymous3 07)/06/12/Ft09 No 22854142 222854111 tao much ass, but that is hat as tuck 1-i slot Machine 9CUY39d Yo鬐0706パ2Fiy18 10 № 22854175 Fie 1341512E 101-20(58KB. 310x228·1216456214197 pg Anonymous 071612Fs)18:10 № 22854183 File: 1341612692445 ipH48 KB. 985839, 54rtg566 jpa otoo much ass N---- got bad news Anonymous 07/06/1aFn]18 11 № 22854206 such a thing □ Anonymous E 2022 4142 OT/06/1aFn]18 12 No 22954220 what, 2deep4u? Fie 134161274 6PM-63 KB. 292x352. 133903063426 prgl □ Anonymous 0T0612F 18 12 No 22854233 22224142 get your s--- together Ireland Anonymous 33 07/06/12F8:12 No 22854238 The uck is wrong with you? File:1341612785221 804111 KB, 411338, hameasbabby 2 png) Fla: 1341512871355 19-(16 B, 3000411, 1320569276856 pgl 2234142 File 134 16 12237211.20195 KB、385x383·1335324080734 pg) Anonymous07/06/12/Fri)18 15 No 22854316 Fle: 1341612944491 143 KB, 27Ex274, 1251395663094 pg O Anonymous 07/06/1aFn]18 15 N° 22954319 Oh I get t youre gay Fle: 1341612958547 ing-(22 KB, 300x 360, 1309636610024 ipg ireland 2022貶4251 masave butts O Anonymous" 0706/1afn)18 17 No 22854360 Not sking big booty wihte gi Anonymous 07/06/12/Fri)18 17 No 22854363 Fle: 134161362279 i-115 KB, 510x334, 122323578909053368043 pal File: 1341613073222 19-122 KB, 333 278, 1321506617852 ipgl there's nothing wrong with thiring 50meone h 5 too much as but /5pis 50 insecure about ther collective sexuality that hum dum "not blong af t as弓makes you gay' Anonymous -107/06/12F8 19 No 22864420 Fla: 134151317923 19-(15 KB, 33B47B, Hushuahue jpgl 21 № 22864453 20-(09 KB, 79M595 DSC00150 p9) 22854142 forget your women the use their asses for storage File 1341613293斂61&# KB. 114x136. T3060-1564845733429-160396001%) You give Ireland a gay name Fle: 134.1613420492 giH651 KB, 500x422, 13388 35241726g 22854142 >too much ass J8H112KB800x640 102147972226 Pt File: 1341613776057 gf-12 95 MB, 300x231, 1340230756386 gif) File 13 616364 230KB. 960x1280. 6681111_chp65x068P9) harlacewhan sha sees your d---
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During the following days, the phrase "too much ass" spread to other boards such as /v/ and /tv/.[3] On boards with flags, every poster from Ireland was mocked with the reply ">too much ass", and on boards without, any post with even a hint of disliking women's asses that were "too big" would be seen as being posted by someone from Ireland.

Despite a number of Irish posters claiming that they did like women with big asses, the stereotype would stick.

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