Joe Biden's Speech On Democracy Warns Of Extremist 'MAGA Forces' And Trump Threatening Midterm Elections, Drawing Memes And Comparisons To Dark Brandon

September 2nd, 2022 - 11:58 AM EDT by Owen Carry

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Joe Biden Speech With Red Background and Dark Brandon Memes MAGA Trump Democracy Extremist Twitter

U.S. President Joe Biden gave a speech last night in front of Independence Hall in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania that many liberal Americans are calling "righteous" and other conservative Americans are calling "villainous."

Overall, Biden's speech touched on many meme-worthy topics such as "Fuck Joe Biden" (aka Let's Go Brandon) chants from the crowd, Donald Trump and MAGA's influence on midterm voters and the so-called "Brandonification" of his speech's setting, in that, he looked like Dark Brandon personified with the red background behind the podium.

The speech took place on Thursday night when Biden addressed the nation during a primetime slot, attempting to warn voters that the future of democracy was at risk with the midterm elections in November inching closer.

In the weeks leading up to the speech, Biden's administration has built some momentum with liberal voters, evident in the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, the mass Student Loan Forgiveness, as well as the viral moment that followed on Twitter, identifiable as the White House PPP loans tweets.

This all set the stage for Biden's overarching message in the speech, that America's democracy was at risk due to what he deemed "MAGA forces" in the country. This notably resulted in backlash from certain Americans, with some even chanting "Fuck Joe Biden" in the audience. Biden acknowledged their chanting, saying that they were entitled to be outrageous. Additionally, former President Donald Trump responded to the speech on Truth Social.

In the aftermath of Biden's speech, memes and reactions flooded social media with major pundits on both sides of the political aisle levying their feedback or outrage.

For instance, political commentator Ben Shapiro tweeted his opinion, claiming that it was "the most demagogic, outrageous, and divisive speech I have ever seen from an American president." Steven Crowder had a similar reaction, using the same image macro of Biden with his fists raised in front of the red-lit background.

The backlash from many conservatives seemingly peaked when Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene reposted a video that compared Biden's speech to Adolf Hitler.

Many pundits aided this comparison, labeling the speech fascist and divisive, however, Greene's repost seemed to be the epitome of this particular facet.

The backlash also manifested around Biden's speech and setting being Dark Bradon-esque, highlighted in the "fists raised" image macro shared by Shapiro, Crowder and Ted Cruz, among many others.

However, these comparisons weren't lost on some liberal-minded people on social media, who even championed the comparison in tweets. For instance, YouTuber Natalie Wynn stated in a quote retweet, "There’s no way this lighting isn’t deliberate Brandonification."

The idea that "Dark Brandon" was thought of by Democrat leaders when organizing the speech's aesthetics stems from the popularization of Dark Brandon by U.S. politicians on Twitter.

But besides inviting Dark Brandon comparisons, some individuals on Twitter thought the speech was well-constructed and touched on subjects they believed were important for the American public. Alluded to by the tweets shown below, even certain non-liberal or not specifically liberal individuals and entities agreed with Biden on the basis that the "MAGA force" was harmful.

In the end, much of the viral reaction was not necessarily conservatives vs. liberals, but rather MAGA supporters vs. detractors. The perceived divisive nature of the speech is ultimately in the eye of the beholder.

Anyone on Twitter can attempt to sway the narrative by counting on people to read their tweets and not watch the speech in question. So whether Brandon is being "dark" or "righteous" lies somewhere in the nuance of the video's entirety for every viewer.

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