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Duke Bruh
Duke Bruh

Todd:"Hey there little boy!How you doin'?"
Todd:"…oooh don't look at me like that Bucko.Don't you want a videogame?"
Georgie:"I'm not supposed to take things from strangers.My dad said so."
Todd:"That's very wise from your wise father,Georgie.But do you know who I am?I'm Todd"Bethesda Man"Howard,I've made Skyrim,you want it?".
Georgie:"Sorry,I already own it,I gotta go."
Todd:"WAIT,where are you going,without THIS?"
Georgie:"A Nintendo Switch?!"
Todd:"Yes,a Nintendo Switch,I'll give it to you only if you buy this game too.You know that you want it.Come here so we can play it together."
Georgie:"..ok,but you're in the sewers,how do you.."
Todd:"It just works Georgie,now buy it."
Georgie:"eeh I don't know."


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