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EA will not be better, because it has a board of directors that control the company. Its only objective is to make more money for them, they are their true client, EA see us as cattle to squeeze money. Loot-boxes or "surprise mechanics" are very lucrative so they are going to fight tooth and nail for them, even if they are gambling


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My beef with EA is that they go out of their way to make things worse, at least from a PR standpoint. Like sucking the life of devs for no reason (like, say, sending a C&D to their own staff to stop doing their passion projects because).

It's like a cosmetics company doing testing on dogs. It's already horrible as it is, but then, they go and kick the dog just because why not.

If you're unethical as hell already, why not go full hog and have some fun at it? Can't go deeper than ninth circle, right?


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