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Winday, Furries Pirate
Winday, Furries Pirate

in reply to Nedhitis

>Be Activision/Blizzard

>Spend hundred thousands to open Blizzcon to announce new game

>Just the day of big announcement a video go online

>Valve logo and just a single number on it

>Lord Gaben finally count to 3.

>The internet go wild and leave Blizzcon to dust

>tfw you lose to a number 3.


I heard it's going to be PvE. I'd reckon Valve could probably just throw in like a dozen new community MVM maps over the course of a year or so and steal a significant amount of its playerbase with next to no real effort, but that would require to them reacting to any events in the gaming industry within the scope of 5 years. Bias: a salty boi waiting for the heavy update.


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