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Horror is dead, Shortly followed by Resident Evil 7, Outlast, Aliens Isolation, Until Dawn, Soma and others being critical and commercial successes

Single Player experiences are dead, shortly followed by Red Dead, Witcher 3, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Zelda BOTW and others being critical and commercial successes

RTS is dead.

well, if history is any indication we can look forward to some of the best RTS games ever to come out over the next 5 years


There's so much to unpack here, but since the only thing from ActiBlizz that I've ever really cared about was StarCraft, I'll focus only on it for now: They can go fuck right off with this shit (assuming it's all true). RTS is dead? Well, if your standards are "it must completely corner the eSports market and be the #1 selling game of the decade or else it's a failure", then yes, RTS is dead. But if you hedged your bets, targeted an achievable audience with a sensibly budgeted game and just let eSports happen or not happen, there's no reason whatsoever as to why a StarCraft 3 couldn't make you money.

And that shooter spinoff made me say "fuck off" out loud several times. Tychus Findlay being alive post Wings? That's some Grade-A bullshit right there. Raynor shot him, a normal human man, in the fucking face while on the most inhospitable planet in the sector in the aftermath of the largest coordinated human military operation in history. And the idea that it would've been a live service with the intent to "Out-Gears Gears" makes me embarrassed for ever liking something this ass-backwards organization ever produced. I'm all for spin-offs (that Ghost game seemed like it might've been okay if they had been able to follow through with it), but this? Fuck you, Activision Blizzard. I cannot wait for the weeks of memes ridiculing you that will inevitably come from BlizzCon. The fallout from Diablo Immortal is going to look like a spa trip.


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