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Italy, and Greece
Roman, and Greek marble sculptures, especially those depicting their leaders or the gods, tend to be associated with the genre as they can be seen in its album covers. Floral Shoppe had an image of the head of Helios, the Greek God of the Sun.
Southern Florida
Some album covers resemble places like Orlando, Miami, Tampa, West Palm Beach, and Key West. Its state tree, which is a kind of palm tree, can also be seen in vaporwave art, as well as the state beaches, which tend to be associated with the luxurious life of those who go on vacation.
Future Funk, a subgenre of vaporwave, usually samples songs from the Japanese genre of City Pop (Ex. Mariya Takeuchi's Plastic Love, or Junko Ohashi's Telephone Number). Japanese is also used often in the names of some vaporwave arists and in titling albums and songs. The bright 1980's city life of places like Tokyo, and Osaka are also usually found in album covers, as well as frames of anime that are also from the same decade


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