Noelle Is Trans / Noelle's Antlers Debate depicting the sprite of the Deltarune character.

Noelle Is Trans / Noelle's Antlers Debate (Deltarune)

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Noelle Is Trans Debate, also known as Noelle's Antlers Debate, refers to discourse and a viral debate about whether the character Noelle from the indie RPG game Deltarune is a trans woman. While disparate discussions about whether Noelle's antlers are indicative of her being canonically transgender have existed online, debates about the topic gained traction on Reddit in late November 2023.


The Deltarune character Noelle Holiday is a reindeer-like monster with long blonde hair and a pair of antlers on her head. She is a Lightner from Hometown and one of Kris's classmates (gameplay scenes shown below).

While discussions about whether Neoelle is trans were first ignited by people noting that female deer do not have antlers, her affection for Christmas makes many fans of the game presume that she was a reindeer and not a deer. Given that both male and female reindeer have horns, many fans continued to debate as to whether Noelle is trans by analyzing dialogue in Deltarune.

A November 3rd, 2021, post by X[1] user @Hoofpeet discusses whether Noelle is lying about being a reindeer in order to deter suspicion about her horns. The post gathered over 500 likes in two years (seen below, left). A July 13th, 2023, post by X[2] user @SPEAROFJUST1CE asserted that Noelle must be trans because female reindeer don't typically have antlers in the fall and because another character pointed out her antlers as being large (seen below, right).

Heehoo VA @Hoofpeet New headcanon that Noelle just lied about being a reindeer so people would stop asking her about her antlers, and she's in fact just a regular trans deer girl Hey soo..... About those antlers-- Look, i'm a REINDEER alright? Oh! sigh All reindeer have antlers. Ex 10:30 AM Nov 3, 2021 [Noelle's 4th antler question of the day] ar ... Rayne ~ +Pokémon Hyperfix @SPEAROFJUSTICE Noelle is trans btw. The game takes place in fall, hence the orange trees, when female reindeer shouldn't have antlers. In Sans' dog casino dialogue he also points out Noelle had antlers while Dess didn't, implying it was weird for her to have antlers for some reason. ? es finish growing their an time but shed them at d the year. Typically, males ers in the late fall, leaving ntlers until the following hales keep their antlers th er until their calves are b g. Feb 2, 2023 6:42 PM Jul 13, 2023 14.9K Views . ... * papyrus, the yellow kid, the antlered girl and her big sis...


Discussions and debates about Noelle being transgender continued onto Reddit in November 2023, notably kicked off by a November 21st fan art post by Redditor /u/contraband,[3] which gathered over 2,000 likes in a week (seen below, left). The replies to the post noted the debate it had sparked with people defending the "Noelle is trans" theory as a valid "head-canon." On November 23rd, 2023, Redditor /u/HumanTheTree[4] made a post joking about "Noelle is trans" debates, gathering over 2,000 likes in a week (seen below, right).


Redditor[5] /u/tackyinbention then posted an infographic with the caption, "Can yall like, stop arguing now?" on November 24th, 2023, gathering over 2,000 upvotes in five days (seen below, left). On November 25th, Redditor[6] /u/PJPants787 made a post joking about the Noelle debates, telling people that the character is a figment of their imagination and doesn't appear in the game. The post gathered over 2,000 likes in four days (seen below, right).

Do you think the Holidays follow real reindeer antlers cycles? ✓ Yes ✓ Do you think noelle is trans? ку Yes No Google when do reindeer shed the All Images Shopping Videos News M Both sexes finish growing their antlers at the same time but shed them at different times of the year. Typically, males drop their antlers in the late fall, leaving them without antlers until the following spring, while females keep their antlers through the winter until their calves are born in the spring. 2 Feb 2023 No JFL Lowl B TELE Deltarune takes place during fall Both noelle and rudy have antlers So it doesn't matter then, Noelle has antlers Guys why are you arguing so much over whether or not Noelle is trans, she literally doesn't exist. No seriously, you guys made her up. Noelle doesn't exist, she's a character that the Deltarune fandom started collectively hallucinating as a coping mechanism after going years without any content. Go check, she literally never appears in the game.

Various Examples

The illusion... Being Trans Noelle { Wanting to sloppily make out with Susie Being Cis ...of free choice. 40* Guys Noelle never actually had antlers!!1! It's just the marmeldenno effect Me if Noelle is Cis سالار Me if Noelle is Trans GENIE $2 Humor Guys did anybody notice that Antler has Noelles? 730 points 58 comments submitted 2 days ago by VeryRegularName to r/Deltarune| 17: Me: -want too see new cool content about Deltarune 0₂ Me 30 god frech Press Noelle is trans/ not trans Me Ipad Fresh Plas G Humor Is there a lore reason noelle is the only one without antlers? 913 points 120 comments submitted 2 days ago by BlueAndTruto r/Deltarune| je

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