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Anime tiddes
Anime tiddes

for fuck sake they'll just portray to however fits the narrative of the story they want to tell. If they want corrupt cops then do that, if they want good cops then do that. The game's story takes precedent over real life counterparts.


What "depictions" are they even talking about? Far as I know, police have never really been an issue in games. Hell, they're kind of under-represented.

Most games would be you playing as some kind of military or mercenary guy. Very few has you actually playing a normal street officer. Even then, fewer still have you be corrupt in anyway. True Crime LA was like that, I guess. Maybe a few indie games. And as far as police as part of the game world, again they don't do much. Usually police in video games act as a punishment when you do crimes. GTA and the like.

I'd say movies by far depict police officers more often. There are hundreds of movies with police as either corrupt, or evil monsters. Or the main character is a hard-boiled renegade, rushing in guns blazing and the like, with no regard for realistic procedure. (Because obviously that would be boring.)

This just seems like another dipshit trying to mix politics with games to further their own talentless career.


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