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230 Views Created 3 years ago By Bridget • Updated 3 years ago

Created By Bridget • Updated 3 years ago

Verizon LTE 3:34 PM O 73% A ... Search ** THIS IS HORRIBLE FOR CATS AND (PROBABLY) BABIES!!! This is a TERRIBLE product. I would not suggest for any cat lovers to get this product, OR PARENTS FOR THAT MATTER! I bought this with intentions to get my cats a neat and comfy place to sleep, and maybe have it be cheap because of "save money, live better" Y'KNOW? BUT NOO00000O0O! My cats HATE this product! Every time I dress them in their baby onesies and put them in the crib, they immediately starting hissing and yowling and shred their onesies off and run out of the crib. And it seems like they do this every time I put them in there, and it happens with all 7 cats! You have brought me and my babies no peace or glide or ANYTHING! NO ONE BUY THIS WASTE OF MONEY!!!!! See less A KittenGrandma, November 1, 2019 Top D: O Feedback
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