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Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that owns and operates a chain of discount supermarkets, department stores and grocery stores in 28 countries. Online, the company has been a popular subject of parodies, satires and other viral media due to its widespread reputation as the paragon of "mega-corporations" in popular culture.


Early Years

The company was founded in 1962 by American businessman Sam Walton, a former J.C. Penney employee who successfully ran a series of Ben Franklin variety stores across Arkansas during the 1940s and 1950s. With a focus on high-volume sales at lower prices, Walton's franchise underwent a period of substantial growth and expanded into a chain of 24 stores with a total revenue of $12.6 million within its first five years in operation. Shortly after the beginning of its expansion beyond Arkansas, Walton's company was formally incorporated as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. on October 31st, 1969, establishing itself as a retail powerhouse at the national level.

Multinational Expansion

By the early 1990s, Walmart had grown into one of the largest retailers by revenue in the United States and begun expanding beyond the borders into Mexico in 1991, Canada in 1994, and Africa in 2010. There are also locations in China, UK, Japan, and India. Walmart is the world's largest company by revenue, according to the Fortune Global 500 list in 2014, as well as the biggest private employer in the world with 2.2 million employees.


The company gained a reputation for harming local businesses in areas where it appears, as its low prices tend to drive independent companies out of business.[1] This was parodied in an episode of South Park. [2] In 2016, cost-cutting decisions such as allowing for self-checkout areas and the removal of "greeters" from some stores led to a 19% increase in profit and a 23% increase in theft and crime from Walmart.[3] Walmart also has a long history of pushback from labor unions, animal rights activists, religious groups, and its own employees for various practices which ensure it keeps low prices, often at the expense of human and animal well-being.[4] In February of 2019, a judge ruled against Walmart in a case where they had fired an employee for having a medical marijuana card.[7]

Paige Yore's Walmart Cashier Story

Paige Yore’s Walmart Cashier Story refers to a video of a woman telling a story about a customer freakout episode that allegedly took place at the checkout line at a Walmart superstore in Pueblo, Colorado. After the video was uploaded to Facebook and YouTube in early December 2015, it quickly entered widespread circulation in the news as a feel-good story of the holiday season, though the validity of the woman's story still remains in dispute as Walmart has denied that the event has ever taken place.

On December 4th, 2015, a 25-years-old woman named Paige Yore uploaded a Facebook video in which she tells a story about a heartwarming exchange she has had with a teenage cashier at a Walmart store in Pueblo, Colorado. In the video, Yore explains that she was waiting at the checkout line for nearly 20 minutes when a disgruntled customer in front of her began berating the cashier for being slow. Upon witnessing the exchange, Yore allegedly intervened to mediate the situation, at which point the young store clerk broke down in tears and revealed to her that his mom had committed suicide just hours before his shift began.

Elimination of "Greeters"

One of Walmart's significant features has been its "greeters," people who stand at the front of the store and greet customers. The role has been traditionally taken by people who have difficulty finding employment such as the elderly and disabled.[5] On February 28th, Walmart[6] announced it would be removing the role in favor of a "Customer Host" role, who would be handling receipts and customer service. They said they were looking at each individual case of greeters with disabilities as they transitioned them out of the role. The move was met with backlash online, as people felt Walmart would likely be leaving the disabled and elderly without a job. Actress Marlee Matlin tweeted her displeasure with Walmart at the news, saying "it isn't right" (shown below, left). In response, some users stated they would shop elsewhere (shown below, right).

Marlee Matlin @MarleeMatlin Follow My goodness, @Walmart, this ISN'T right. Many of your employees with disabilities are leading productive lives. Now you're taking it away? "Walmart Is Eliminating Greeters Workers With Disabilities Feel Targeted" Walmart Is Eliminating Greeters. Workers With Disabilities Feel Targeted NPR has found that Walmart is changing the job requirements for front-door greeters in a way that appears to disproportionately affect workers with disabilities. Lori Raizin Tye? @PiperLori14 Follow Replying to @MarleeMatlin @Walmart I will shop at the store that employs these greeters instead of Walmart if they lose their jobs! Greeters are happy to greet ppl b/c they don't have to be running or checking stock like any other employee has to do. It's discrimination, period! 12:28 AM-1 Mar 2019

Subreddit's Unionization Memes

On July 8th, 2019, Redditor bdonvr[10] posted that he was fired from Walmart for his posts on the /r/Walmart subreddit, which included confidential corporate documents. The document was an outline of Walmart's new "Great Workplace Program," which sorts employees into different pay tiers (shown below).

Great Workplace (GWP) Hourly & Salary Compensation Guidelines Store Hourly Guidelines Great Workplace stores have a new, 2-level compensation structure that is different from the current 4-level grade level (GL) A D structure. The new compensation rates and structure were determined based on market research and analysis of compensation trends. This compensation structure aligns stores more closely with industry standards Min Current 4 Level (GLA- D) Max New GWP 2 Level (GL TA and TLI Min Max $11.00 S17.55 TA A $100 S18.00 S1H8 $1.50 B ТI S18.00 525.00 C $12.50 $20.71 A $2.00 differential is applicd to associates in the Academyy Trainer job $24.70 codes $15.00 Note: These are cxample structures; a structure's pay grade valuos can vary by facility. Vicw the valucs for your facility on the Ficld Pay Summary screen at http:/phant20003uswr homepffice Each grade level (GL) still has its own independent minimum and maximum. No associate may earm a pay rate below the minimum for their GL or above the maximum, unless they are already above the new maximum and are promoting or moving laterally. In those cases, the base pay rate will not change. Movement from Current 4-Level into the New 2-Level Pay Structure Pay may be adjusted up or down when moving between a 4-level (GL A - D) job code and a 2-level (GL TA or TL) job code. To determine the movement type (promotion, lateral or demotion) and any pay increase or decrease, refer to the Grade Level Movement Matrix: Movement Types To New GWP Positian/GL Academy Trainer (GL TA From Current GL Team Associate (GL TA) Team Lead (GL TL) Lateral (No Bese Pay Chenge) Promotion +10% Base Pay $2.00 Differentiel) Promotion (10% Base Pey) Promotion (-10% Base Pay) Pramotion (+10% Base Pay $2.00 Differential Lateral (No Base Pay Change Promotion (-10% Base Pay) $2.00 Differential Demotion (-10% to Bese Payl Leteral (No Base Pay Change C Promotion (10% Base Payl Demetion (-10% to Base Payl Demotion (-10% to Base Pay + $2.00 Differential) D Associates In the 1-202-2002 job code moving to a GL TL- team lead position will have the $2.00 TL differential they are receiving rolled into their base pay rate even if it takes them over the new GL maximum. If their base pay, without the differential, is multiplied by a 10% promotional increase and equals a difference greater than $2.00, then the difference will be added to their base pay rate, not to exceed the new GL maximum. Movement Within the New 2 Level Pay Structure (Within Same Facility) When an associate makes future moves between job codes in the new 2-level (GL TA or TL) structure, their pay may also be adjusted up or down. To determine the movement type (promotion, lateral, or demotion) and any pay increase or decrease, refer to the Grade Level Movement Matrix: Movement within the To Position/GL New GWP Structure- From Position/ GL Team Associate (GL TA) Team Lead (GL TL) Academy Trainer (GL TA) Lateral (No Base Pay Change $2.00 Lateral (No Base Pay Change) Promotion (10% Base Pay) Team Associate (GL TA) Differential) Facity Non Faemt Associte Py Pas PY20 00 rmetin 206/2oeRI Conerri e Cely 2019 warat Promation +10% Base Pay, Leteral INo Base Pay Change- and remove the $2.00 Dfferential) Leteral INo Pay Change) and keep the $200 differential Demotion (-10% to Bese Pay + $200 Academy Trainer (GL TA) $2.00 Differential) Demotion (-10 % to Base Payl Team Lead (GL TL) Lateral (No Base Pay Change) Differential) General Increase All eligible GL TA (Team Associate and Academy Trainer) associates who have full-time or part-time status as of Oct. 31, 2018, and meet the attendance criteria, will receive a flat, 2 % general increase, not to exceed the GL maximum, on the effective focal date. Associates hired between Nov. 1, 2018, and Feb. 16, 2019, are not eligible for the focal date increase. Performance Increase All eligible GL TL (team lead) associates who have full-time or part-time status as of Oct. 31, 2018, and are still in an eligible position as of March 31, 2019, and meet the attendance criteria, will receive an increase based on their performance evaluation rating (not to exceed the GL maximum) Associates hired between Nov. 1, 2018, and Feb. 16, 2019, are not eligible for the focal date increase. Hourly Guidelines Performance Rating Increase by Rating 4 % Above Standard Solid Performer 2% Needs Improvement o% Start Rate/New Hire Rate New associates must be paid at least the minimum rate of the GL for their position/primary job code. Hires for the Academy trainer and team lead roles (the team associate role is not eligible) will be paid an additional amount above the GL minimum if they have work experience during the past five years that meets work experience credit criteria. All work experience must be entered prior to the job offer being extended in order to correctly calculate work credits. The value of the creditis) is added to the pay range minimum to determine the new hire start rate for the new associate. The values for each credit are as follows: Maximum Number of Credits Eligible for: Grade Level 2 3 4 TA $0.40 S080 $1,20 $1,60 $2,00 (Academy Trainer positions ONLY TL s0.40 $080 $1,20 $1.60 $2.00 For questions about compensation, contact or call 1-800-530-9929 Facaty Non-Emre Aociane Poy Pan 20 Cp4100 ttectae 200/2o Cantideal-Itemal Use Oly 0301 Wnrt In MyShare Great Workplace associates will still be required to meet all eligibility requirements found in the EY20 MyShare Quarterly Incentive Plan, However, the below table will replace the COMP STORES Incentive Award Schedule for Performance Measures table in section 7 of the plan for team associates, academy trainers, and team leads. Threshold Grade Level Performance Measure Target Weighting Super Max Store Sales 75s 64 Team Associate s0 s06 Stare Clean, Fast&Friendy Academy Trainer Tetal (Qtr) 100% s25 sas Stare Sales 751 s05 Team Lead 25 Stare Clean Fast &Frieny s04 S35 Tetal (Qtr) 100 40 S14 Values shown are rounded to the secand decimal place Store Management Guidelines For each role, there is a Complex and a Non-Complex structure Pay Range Target Incentive Role Opportunity Minimum Midpoint Maximum $75,000 $85,000 $95,000 35% Supercenter Store Lead Complex Supercenter - Business Lead $60,000 $70,000 $80,000 25% NHM- Ops Manager Complex Supercenter Store Lead $80,000 $90,000 $70,000 25% Supercenter Business Lead NHM Ops Manager $55,000 $65,000 $75,000 15% Movement into a New Role Compensation will be adjusted according to the movement table captured below, not to fall below the new pay range minimum or above the new pay range maximum. To Supercenter Business Lead / From Level To Supercenter NHM Ops Mgr Store Lead Co-Manager ASM AP ASM Promotion Lateral Promotion Promotion A promotion results in an increase up to 10 % or up to the new minimum, whichever is greater; not to exceed the new pay range maximum. Fte Non Exceet o Pe 20 010ans Efetre 206120o Confenti nenelUe Ory019 Wamet n

After the Reddit user announced they were fired for sharing the document, they cautioned that people on the subreddit be careful with the content they post because Walmart corporate management may be monitoring their posts. In response, members of the subreddit began flooding the subreddit with pro-union political cartoons and memes. For example, user kevans2[11] posted a political cartoon that gained over 1,100 points (shown below, left). User ShitbirdJerry posted a Let Me In meme about Walmart workers unionizing that gained over 2,100 points (shown below, right). The surge in pro-union memes were covered by Vice[12] and and Daily Intelligencer.[13]

YOUR GREED IS HURTING THE ECONOMY! 2/2-0 15 NOaN RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE unions everyone in this subreddit Let me in. [adult swim LET ME II [aduit swim IN!

Online Presence

Walmart has over 950,000 Twitter followers[8] and 34 million Facebook[9] likes. In the late 2010s, Walmart's Twitter account began tweeting more meme-literate tweets. For example, on February 7th, 2019, they tweeted a Shaggy's Power meme (shown below).

Walmart @Walmart Follow ZOINKS! The all mighty Shaggy only used .04% of his powers to create Walmart Red Bull Esports@redbullesports Ultra Instinct Shaggy memes GIF 7:26 PM -7 Feb 2019

People of Walmart

People of Walmart is a single topic blog which features images of strangely dressed people shopping at the American discount store Walmart.

People of Walmart was created in August of 2009, as a site to host pictures of people dressed or acting in a bizarre way at Walmart. The site's about page explains:

"We personally have nothing against Walmart. We, along with most of America, shop at Walmart for nearly everything we need. This site is simply a satirical social commentary of the extraordinary sights found at America’s favorite store."

The site invites reader submissions.

Yodel Walmart Boy

Walmart Yodel Boy refers to a video of 12-year old Mason Ramsey performing a country song in a Walmart. The video went viral as people applied various captions to it and remixed it.

On March 24th, 2018 in Harrisburg, Illinois, child performer Mason Ramsey, known for his Hank Williams impressions, was filmed singing "Lovesick Blues" in a Walmart. A video of the performance was uploaded two days later by YouTube account ViralHog.

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