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Armchair Psychologist
Armchair Psychologist

Its kinda getting a little bit oversaturated yeah, there is a lot of vtubers nowadays, even independent ones from hololive.

But this is still 100 times better for the viewers and women in general. What do i mean? Its 100 times better this is the popular thing to go for girls that wanna stream instead of becoming another twitch thot, but then again, those 2 populations are quite the opposite.
Vtubing gets massive carried by the vtuber´s personality while the twitch thot is just a talentless all about looks girl that never needed to develop any form of entertaining or interesting personality because her looks carried most of her entire life´s social interactions (and sadly it happens again once she starts streaming with yoga pants while squatting for every new sub)

So yeah, I wish the best to the Vtuber scene. Im all about funny girls with lovable personalities instead of toxic girls. Doesn't matter if you are a girl and choose to Vtube or just be a regular streamer, just don't go the twitch thot route.


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